<Religions for Peace-Interreligious Council of Thailand (RfP-IRC Thailand)>

Background:Realizing the role and responsibility for establishing peace, reconciliation, and harmony, RfP Thailand and World Religions for Peace (WRC) held a conference on 18-19 May 2009 at CS Pattani Hotel. The participants in this meeting included the social leaders who had mutual agreement to set up Religions for Peace- Interreligious Council of Thailand (known for short as IRC Thailand). The objectives thereof are to provide cooperation to any religious organizations that seek for international peace, and to support the peace process, mutual understanding, and peaceful coexistence within Thai society in a sustainable manner.Objectives and Commitments:1. Promote dialogues, exchange of ideas, and experiences in creating peace in Thailand;2. Develop the knowledge Read more about <Religions for Peace-Interreligious Council of Thailand (RfP-IRC Thailand)>[…]

<Religions for Peace Thailand>

Background:Religions for Peace Thailand (RfP Thailand) is a part of a rapidly growing global network of Religions for Peace which advances common action among the world’s religious communities for peace. It has since 2003 embarked on the mission of mobilizing religious leaders and members of religious communities to work in the area of conflict transformation and peacebuilding for Thai society.From 2009 until present Thailand’s Southern Unrest has been marked as the key targeted area for RfP Thailand’s activities, which have largely been 1) intra and interreligious dialogues, 2) fieldtrips to learn about peaceful coexistence, 3) capacity building workshop and 4) youth camps. RfP Thailand via its Interreligious Council (IRC) also Read more about <Religions for Peace Thailand>[…]

Announcement: ACRP New Leadership

The ACRP Tokyo Assembly was held online from October 17 to 22, 2021. About 500 people from all over the world participated.During the assembly, the Governance Assembly approved the new leadership of ACRP!Please refer to each page for details.ACRPAsia & the Pacific Interfaith Youth NetworkAsia-Pacific Women of Faith Network

The Landing Page of the ACRP General Assembly

Asian Conference of Religions for Peace9th General Assembly will be held soon!~The landing page of the Assembly website is now available!~ https://system.expoline.jp/acrp/(The program schedule is on the Assembly Website)Registration for the Assembly will open on the website on September 2, 2021.Youth Pre-Assembly: October 17, 2021Women’s Pre-Assembly: October 18, 2021General Assembly: October 19-22, 2021