June 6, 2019


Asia-Pacific Women of Faith Network

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We have the power to save people’s lives and embrace them with great love.


Asia-Pacific Women of Faith Network (APWoFN) is the regional network of multireligious women’s leaders of the Asian Conference of Religions for Peace (ACRP). Its members consist of different religious faiths and traditions in the countries and other territories in Asia and the South Pacific. The APWoFN brings together the commitment of women’s leaders to advance common actions towards peace.
The APWoFN operates in following the ACRP’s vision and mission to advance common action among the world’s religious communities for peace. The APWoFN functions in convening women’s forums and other programs when deemed appropriate designed to promote the aims of the ACRP among women.
Since 2022, APWoFN has been working on three of its most urgent issues: anti-trafficking, climate change, and peacebuilding and reconciliation, as three main pillar projects of APWoFN.

APWFN Members
  • Ms. Naoko Yasmin Kawada (Japan, Muslim)
Representative Members
  • Dr. Sue Ennis (Australia, Protestant)
  • Prof. Dr. Rashida Khanam (People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Muslim)
  • Prof. Lin Manhong (People’s Republic of China, Protestant)
  • Dr. Deepali Bhanot (India, Hindu)
  • Ms. Soonyoung Lee (Republic of Korea, Christian)
  • Ms. Yin Yin Maw (Republic of the Union of Myanmar, Christian)
  • Mrs. Pooja Manandhar (Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, Hindu)
  • Ms. Huma Ikramullah (Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Muslim)
  • Ms.Haidi Flores-Fajardo (Republic of the Philippines, Christian)