Religions for Peace Announces Women of Excellence in Multi-Religious Action Award

Religions for Peace, the world’s most representative multi-faith organisation, is pleased to announce the inaugural Women of Excellence in Multi-Religious Action Award! Women of faith are the backbone of all faith communities and religious institutions but are rarely recognised for their efforts. Religions for Peace understands the importance of recognising and amplifying the work of women of faith and women-led initiatives, as they are often overlooked in the fields of peacebuilding and interfaith cooperation.

Davao City Government supports the ACRP EC Meeting

Davao City, Philippines.  Hon. Temujin “Tek” Ocampo has positively expressed the support of the City Government of Davao to the ACRP Executive Council Meeting in May 2023.Rev. Yoshinori Shinohara, ACRP Secretary General, has made a courtesy visit with Hon. Tek Ocampo, a City Counselor and representing the Office of the Mayor, to seek their support and explore cooperation for common action, especially in the areas of peace building and environment protection. Rev. Shinohara was given the honor to deliver a privilege speech at the official Session of the City Councilors before the start of the ACRP EC meeting.  “With this invitation, the city government concretely expresses its support and willingness to Read more about Davao City Government supports the ACRP EC Meeting[…]

Rev. Shinohara met with Abp. Lampon

Cotabato City, Philippines.  Rev. Yoshinori Shinohara paid a courtesy visit to Archbishop Joselito Lampon, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Cotabato to seek his support for the upcoming ACRP EC meeting and Peace Forum at the Bishop’s Residence in Cotabato City.Shinohara of the situation, issues and challenges that Christians, Muslims and Indigenous peoples are facing under the Bangsamoro government.  While there are still many concerns, we now see positive changes and hope that the path of peace will continue for everyone, says Abp. Lampon.ACRP will hold its first in-person annual Executive Council Meeting in Davao City in May 2023 since the start of the pandemic. As an expression of solidarity, ACRP plans Read more about Rev. Shinohara met with Abp. Lampon[…]

Prof. (Rtd.) Rashida Khanam Ph.D.

Prof. (Rtd.) Rashida Khanam Ph.D. (Bangladesh, Muslim)Prof. (Rtd.) Rashida Khanam Ph.D. is a retired professor of the Department of Political Science, University of Chittagong, and a chair of the women commmitee of Religions for Peace Bangladesh. An author of books about women, politics, and culture, she has also served as Direcotr of the Center for NonKilling and Development (CNKD),, and affiliate of the Center for Global NonKilling (CGNK), University of Chittagong, Vice-Chairperson of Pora Kekha, a scocila organzation, and General Seceraty of the Fhrubo Parishad, the only Music Ezamination Board (Prove) in Bangladesh.She has been published many books for a long time; “Women and Politics in Bangladesh etal. Shah Amanat & Printing, Chittagong, Read more about Prof. (Rtd.) Rashida Khanam Ph.D.[…]

Donation of Dry Rations to Needy People in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been suffering from the Covid-19 virus since the beginning of March 2020.  Some people, who have been infected with this virus, caused to spread this virus throughout the country by traveling to many places and associating with many people, including their relatives and friends.  As a result, more than 40000, people have been continued and some selected areas were completely shut down.  The Government imposed a curfew all over the country, and some districts: Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara, and Jaffna were named the red areas.  All the religious observances have been stopped, even at Poyadays, Buddhist devotees were requested to do religious activities while staying at home.Sri Lanka’s Read more about Donation of Dry Rations to Needy People in Sri Lanka[…]

Hongkong Donation for Law Income Families in Nothern Part of Sri Lanka on Feb 18-21, 2023

Under the guidance of Ven. Prof, Dhammajoti thero, I selected 5 villages in the Nothern part of Sri Lanka, 4 in Medawachchiya near the city of Vavniya, and  1 in Vavniya. All these are more than 350 kilometers away from Colombo city the capital of Sri Lanka. The total up and down distance is over 921 km. The 4 villages Medawachchiya area which borders Vavniya city, and the one village named, Bogaswawa in the Vavniya district were often attacked by the LTTE carders during wartime. People in Bogaswawa completely left it and came inside the country. People in the 4 villages were also killed many times on the roads and Read more about Hongkong Donation for Law Income Families in Nothern Part of Sri Lanka on Feb 18-21, 2023[…]

Nutritious Dry Ration Packs for Mothers, and Mothers to be

Covid -19 virus affected all the countries in the world. Many people died and some are suffering from it. Other people in the world are living in fear of it. Governments took every possible measure to protect the people from this deadly pandemic, called Corona.Sri Lanka’s government also followed the same line, and people are restricted to their houses. Well-to-do people can find ways to buy necessary food items while staying at home because some sellers are coming near the houses. Some of them can order food items from supermarkets to deliver them to their houses.  Now, almost five weeks under curfew, even they have faced problems getting nutritious foods Read more about Nutritious Dry Ration Packs for Mothers, and Mothers to be[…]