RfP South Asia attending Mind-Heart Dialogue Training

Delegates of Religions for Peace Asia from the South Asia region are participating in the week-long Mind-Heart Dialogue Training in Kathmandu, Nepal from November 27 to December 1, 2023.The Mind-Heart Dialogue is one of the key strategies in implementing the Faith and Positive Change for Children, families and communities initiative (FPCC), a global partnership with Unicef, which aims to move beyond single-sector, small-scale, ad-hoc and sometimes instrumentalist approaches of faith engagement in development and humanitarian work.Mind-Heart Dialogue is an evidence-based reflective and experiential process, exploring faith convictions, lived experiences and knowledge to influence positive social and behaviour change.  It supports faith groups and development partners to work together to protect and Read more about RfP South Asia attending Mind-Heart Dialogue Training[…]

FPCC Regional Advisory Group Action Planning Workshop

Religions for Peace South Asia participated in the FPCC Regional Advisory Group Action Planning WorkshopColombo, Sri Lanka.  Religions for Peace Asia participated in the FPCC Regional Advisory Group (RAG)  3-day workshop on Faith Actors for Child Rights and Well-being:  Enhancing Collaboration and Positive Change for Adolescent Girls in South Asia from 13-15 August 2023.  The Faith for Positive Change for Children is a tripartite collaboration of Religions for Peace, Unicef, and Joint Learning Initiative.The FPCC is the fruit of the more than 3 decades of partnership between Unicef and Religions for Peace’ commitment from over 90 affiliate countries including women and youth interfaith to work and advance the well-being of Read more about FPCC Regional Advisory Group Action Planning Workshop[…]

Donation of Dry Rations to Needy People in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been suffering from the Covid-19 virus since the beginning of March 2020.  Some people, who have been infected with this virus, caused to spread this virus throughout the country by traveling to many places and associating with many people, including their relatives and friends.  As a result, more than 40000, people have been continued and some selected areas were completely shut down.  The Government imposed a curfew all over the country, and some districts: Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara, and Jaffna were named the red areas.  All the religious observances have been stopped, even at Poyadays, Buddhist devotees were requested to do religious activities while staying at home.Sri Lanka’s Read more about Donation of Dry Rations to Needy People in Sri Lanka[…]

Hongkong Donation for Law Income Families in Nothern Part of Sri Lanka on Feb 18-21, 2023

Under the guidance of Ven. Prof, Dhammajoti thero, I selected 5 villages in the Nothern part of Sri Lanka, 4 in Medawachchiya near the city of Vavniya, and  1 in Vavniya. All these are more than 350 kilometers away from Colombo city the capital of Sri Lanka. The total up and down distance is over 921 km. The 4 villages Medawachchiya area which borders Vavniya city, and the one village named, Bogaswawa in the Vavniya district were often attacked by the LTTE carders during wartime. People in Bogaswawa completely left it and came inside the country. People in the 4 villages were also killed many times on the roads and Read more about Hongkong Donation for Law Income Families in Nothern Part of Sri Lanka on Feb 18-21, 2023[…]

Nutritious Dry Ration Packs for Mothers, and Mothers to be

Covid -19 virus affected all the countries in the world. Many people died and some are suffering from it. Other people in the world are living in fear of it. Governments took every possible measure to protect the people from this deadly pandemic, called Corona.Sri Lanka’s government also followed the same line, and people are restricted to their houses. Well-to-do people can find ways to buy necessary food items while staying at home because some sellers are coming near the houses. Some of them can order food items from supermarkets to deliver them to their houses.  Now, almost five weeks under curfew, even they have faced problems getting nutritious foods Read more about Nutritious Dry Ration Packs for Mothers, and Mothers to be[…]

Announcement: ACRP New Leadership

The ACRP Tokyo Assembly was held online from October 17 to 22, 2021. About 500 people from all over the world participated.During the assembly, the Governance Assembly approved the new leadership of ACRP!Please refer to each page for details.ACRPAsia & the Pacific Interfaith Youth NetworkAsia-Pacific Women of Faith Network

The Landing Page of the ACRP General Assembly

Asian Conference of Religions for Peace9th General Assembly will be held soon!~The landing page of the Assembly website is now available!~ https://system.expoline.jp/acrp/(The program schedule is on the Assembly Website)Registration for the Assembly will open on the website on September 2, 2021.Youth Pre-Assembly: October 17, 2021Women’s Pre-Assembly: October 18, 2021General Assembly: October 19-22, 2021