June 6, 2019


About ACRP

Through Religions for Peace Asia, Asian religious leaders have
a visible manifestation of their own dialogue and fellowship
Asian Conference of Religions for Peace (ACRP), also known as  Religions for Peace Asia is the world’s largest regional body of religiously inspired people working for peace and interreligious harmony. Based on the tenets of truth, justice, and human dignity,its members are active in their home countries, in the Asia-Pacific region, and across the world. Founded in 1976, it operates in tandem with the international body, Religions for Peace International.

ACRP advances common action among religious communities in Asia and the Pacific for peace. Multireligious cooperation for peace is the hallmark of ACRP. This cooperation includes but also goes beyond dialogue and bears fruit in common concrete action. Through ACRP, diverse religious communities discern “deeply held and widely shared” moral concerns) such as transforming violent conflict, bringing about just and harmonious societies) advancing sustainable development goals, caring for the earth, promoting nuclear and conventional disarmament, protecting human rights, and promoting the equal dignity of all forms of life. ACRP translates these shared moral concerns into concrete multi-religious action.

Background of the Establishment of ACRP

In 1970, Religious leaders around the globe met for the first-ever word religious assembly in Kyoto and established the World Conference of Religions for Peace (WCRP). At this meeting, some Asian religious leaders pointed out that Asia faced a number of problems that posed a threat to peace. Accordingly, they felt that they should respond in ways appropriate to Asia, and in doing so must maintain their Asian identity in addressing issues and concerns that affect the region, as well as the wider world. These needs were addressed during the Second Assembly of the World Conference of Religions for Peace in September of 1974 in Leuven, Belgium. The ensuring two years of demanding preparation finally gave birth to this eagerly awaited ACRP. Through ACRP, Asia religious leaders have a visible manifestation of their own dialogue and fellowship, as well as a solid framework for common advocacy and concerted efforts for peace.


  • 1976

    Religious for Peace Asia was founded. The 1st Assembly was held in Singapore in November. Mother Teresa gave the keynote speech at the Conference

  • 1981

    The 2nd Assembly was held at New Delhi, India in November. (see)
    Mother Teresa addressed the opening remarks at the Conference People’s Republic of China joined ACRP
  • 1986

    The 3rd Assembly was held at Seoul, Republic of Korea in June. (see)

  • 1991

    The 4th Assembly was held at Kathmandu, Nepal in October. (see)
    Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cambodia, and Mongolia joined ACRP
  • 1996

    The 5th Assembly was held at Ayutthaya, Thailand in October. (see)
  • 2002

    The 6th Assembly was held at Yogyakarta, Indonesia in June. (see)
  • 2008

    The 7th Assembly was held at Manila, the Philippines in October. (see)

  • 2014

    The 8th Assembly was held at Incheon, the Republic of Korea in August. (see)

  • 2016

    Malaysia and Myanmar joined ACRP
  • 2021

    The 9th Assembly was convened online for the first time with the center stage being set up in Tokyo from October 17th to 22nd in 2021.