【Don’t G.R Ka (The Story of Greenhouse Gas) SYNOPSIS】

The earth is not doing well, global warming, climate change and its impacts are starting to haunt our lives. The destruction of nature continues, while we feel we can’t do anything about it. It all starts with our ignorance of the serious phenomenon we are facing today. The movie tells the story of the journey of 5 friends (Tsabitah, Diva, Salma, Shifa and Amirah) to find out about climate change for their geography assignment. They visit the BMKG Bali Climatology Station office which is competent in providing information related to climate change. Accompanied by Tray, one of the BMKG employees, they discussed the causes of climate change and its process. Starting from Read more about 【Don’t G.R Ka (The Story of Greenhouse Gas) SYNOPSIS】[…]


Climate change is a threat to the world. Waste is one of the factors causing climate change. Waste that is not handled properly has the potential to produce methane gas which affects the atmosphere. Bali, as the world’s leading destination, is still facing the challenge of climate change, one of which is caused by waste. Mounting piles of rubbish in landfills pose a threat to climate conditions.However, there is a glimmer of hope when various movements or concrete actions are carried out by organizations, communities, foundations and individual behavior to tackle waste. Based on his concern for the environment, Adi Purnawan, who also works as a lecturer, took the initiative Read more about 【DEWATA BERCERITA SYNOPSIS】[…]

“Prevent and Overcome the Effects of Climate Change in Bali. Challenges in Religious Life in Community”

Religions for Peace Asia is pleased to introduce the outstanding project on Climate Change, implmented by Religions for Peace Indonesia.Religions for Peace Indonesia has been carrying out activities on the issue of Climate Change, one of the Flagship Projects of Religions for Peace Asia/ACRP.This issue was the choice of RfP Indonesia activities for the first 2 (two) years (April 2022-April 2024) by choosing Bali as the location to be the focus of attention. Why? Because Bali as a tourism area that is already worldwide known, is currently experiencing many changes that tend to damage both the natural environment and everyday life. This situation has had a negative effect on farming Read more about “Prevent and Overcome the Effects of Climate Change in Bali. Challenges in Religious Life in Community”[…]

RfP South Asia attending Mind-Heart Dialogue Training

Delegates of Religions for Peace Asia from the South Asia region are participating in the week-long Mind-Heart Dialogue Training in Kathmandu, Nepal from November 27 to December 1, 2023.The Mind-Heart Dialogue is one of the key strategies in implementing the Faith and Positive Change for Children, families and communities initiative (FPCC), a global partnership with Unicef, which aims to move beyond single-sector, small-scale, ad-hoc and sometimes instrumentalist approaches of faith engagement in development and humanitarian work.Mind-Heart Dialogue is an evidence-based reflective and experiential process, exploring faith convictions, lived experiences and knowledge to influence positive social and behaviour change.  It supports faith groups and development partners to work together to protect and Read more about RfP South Asia attending Mind-Heart Dialogue Training[…]

Interfaith Responses to Gender-Based Violence: A Fireside Chat

Advancing gender equality is one of the thematic areas of Religions for Peace. It is against this backdrop that we invite you our upcoming event Interfaith Responses to Gender-based Violence: A Fireside Chat, which will engage several Religions for Peace leaders, by diving deeper into the topic of engaging multi-religiously and multi-collaboratively to advance women’s dignity and address gender-based violence.

The Role of Strategic Partnership between Faith Actors and ICAN in Universalizing the TPNW for Sustainable Peace, Justice, and Development

Organised by Religions for Peace, the African Council of Religious Leaders-Religions for Peace, and ICAN, this side event aims to foster a holistic understanding of how faith communities and ICAN can collborate to advance the TPNW and through many topics, speakers will explore the correlation of interfaith mechanisms and disarmament advocacy.

Asia Pacific Wome of Faith Network: Peacebuilding Seminar Digital Report

Religions for Peace Asia is pleased to announce the publication of a digital report on the online seminars conducted by Asia-Pacific Women of Fatih Network (APWoFN).APWoFN has implemented three online seminars as its flagship project for 2022; Anti-Human Trafficking, Climate Change, and Peacebuilding.The digital report published this time is the Peacebuilding Seminar “Enhancing Women’s Participation in Peacebuilding and Reconciliation in Asia” in March 2023.Please take a look at the achievement of APWoFN activities.Peacebuilding and Reconciliation  |  Climate Change |  Anti-Human Trafficking (Coming Soon)

Religions for Peace Pakistan:Interfaith Project Impacting Women&Children

Religions for Peace Asia is pleased to introduce Religions for Peace Pakistan’s interfaith project focusing on women and children.1. Maternal & Child Health Center & PharmacyIn collaboration with Rotary Club of Silver Sands Karachi District 3271, RfP Pakistan established the center and pharmacy as the only medical unit in Thar, which provides daily free clinic and essential medicines desert dwellers Belonging to Muslim, Hindu and Christian faiths. Video link: https://rfpasia.org/publication-resource/video/maternal-child-health-center-pharmacy/ 2. Clean Water ProjectIn collaboration with Rotary Club of Karachi, RfP Pakistan has set up the Thar Water Filtration RO Plant that will provide clean water, which is very essential to the health and well of the community, specially the childrenVideo link: Read more about Religions for Peace Pakistan:Interfaith Project Impacting Women&Children[…]