The Landing Page of the ACRP General Assembly

Asian Conference of Religions for Peace9th General Assembly will be held soon!~The landing page of the Assembly website is now available!~ program schedule is on the Assembly Website)Registration for the Assembly will open on the website on September 2, 2021.Youth Pre-Assembly: October 17, 2021Women’s Pre-Assembly: October 18, 2021General Assembly: October 19-22, 2021

Annual Report: Malaysia 2015 – 2016

‘The roles of Religions for Peace Malaysia in 2015/2016’ is played through promulgation of peace education, peace dialogue and the globalization of peace culture in order to build and maintain unity and harmony in Malaysia as well as in other parts of Asia. The major objectives of Religions for Peace Malaysia in 2015/2016 has been to advance multi-religious action for the common good; to transform conflict, promote just and harmonious societies, advance human development, and protect the earth; and to publish multi-religious teaching and learning materials, and various research publications.