Invitation: China Committee on Religion and Peace Online International Seminar

The 3rd International Seminar on Religions and Ecological CivilizationAsian Conference of Religions for Peace (ACRP) is pleased to announce China Committee on Religion and Peace will hold an online seminar in December.At present, global warming-linked natural disasters and extreme weather—occurring with greater frequency—and the COVID-19 pandemic—which remains an upheaval within an upheaval—have had severe impacts on human life and health as well as economic and social development. A sound ecological environment is a critical public good that has implications for people’s livelihood and well-being as well as the future of mankind. The necessity of responding to global climate change while promoting the recovery of the world economy is a key Read more about Invitation: China Committee on Religion and Peace Online International Seminar[…]

Women of the Tokyo Peace Roundtable, an Interview Series with Mrs. Margaret Barsaba

Religions for Peace continues its Interview Series on the Women of the Tokyo Peace Roundtable. Mrs. Margaret Barsaba, Chairperson of the South Sudan Women of Faith Network, talks about the important work she does and how religious leaders and faith actors can support in times of conflict and reconciliation.READ MORE

Women of the Tokyo Peace Roundtable, an Interview Series with Rev. Kosho Niwano

During the Tokyo Peace Roundtable, co-hosted by Religions for Peace International and Religions for Peace-Japan, Rev. Kosho Niwano, Co-Moderator of Religions for Peace and President-Designate of Rissho-kosei Kai, offers her insights into what were her expectations of the Roundtable and her main takeaways after the Roundtable.READ MORE

Tokyo Peace Roundtable, the first of a series

Religions for Peace International and Religions for Peace Japan are pleased to share an invitation to join The Tokyo Peace Roundtable, the first in a series Beyond War and Towards Reconciliation: Convening Multi-Religious Peace Roundtables, bringing together faith leaders, policy makers, and representatives of civil society as part of an effort to expedite the cessation of violence, facilitate reconciliation, and restore peace in war-affected countries.  We kindly invite you to register for the following sessions open to all; Opening Session, Session II: Multi Religious Approaches to Reconciliation and Session III: Multi Religious Humanitarianism-Examples from the Multi-Religious Humanitarian Fund, and the Closing Ceremony. Kindly find further details and registration links below. Thank you.  

Call for Proposals Application Deadline Extended: Multi-Religious Humanitarian Fund

Over 50 years, Religions for Peace and its network of six regional and over 90 national interreligious councils, youth and women of faith networks has consistently responded to global challenges by coordinating and supporting multi-religious efforts in building “positive peace,” which also includes delivering lifesaving support to communities in conflict situations.With this call for proposals, Religions for Peace is opening the third phase of the Multi- religious Humanitarian Fund to provide seed grants to interfaith initiatives that aid those displaced by conflict.

Report on 16 Webinars on Human Trafficking (October 2020 – December 2021)

Ending Modern Slavery – the Role of Religious Actors:From the 20th of October 2020 to the 8th of December 2021, Religions for Peace Honorary Presidents -the Sovereign Order of Malta – with the leadership of the Ambassador of the Order of Malta to monitor and combat trafficking in persons (Ambassador M. Veuthey), in cooperation with Sister Mirjam Beike, RGS, organized 16 webinars on human trafficking. See a detailed report on the remarkable discussions and actions undertaken.