Religions for Peace Announces Women of Excellence in Multi-Religious Action Award

Religions for Peace, the world’s most representative multi-faith organisation, is pleased to announce the inaugural Women of Excellence in Multi-Religious Action Award! Women of faith are the backbone of all faith communities and religious institutions but are rarely recognised for their efforts. Religions for Peace understands the importance of recognising and amplifying the work of women of faith and women-led initiatives, as they are often overlooked in the fields of peacebuilding and interfaith cooperation.

Working Multi-Religiously for Gender Equality: Reassessing the Role of Education & Knowledge in the Digital Age

Religions for Peace is pleased to invite you to our CSW67 Hybrid Parallel Event on Working Multi-Religiously for Gender Equality: Reassessing the Role of Education and Knowledge in the Digital Age, taking place on Tuesday, 14 March at 10:30AM EST (click here to check your reginal time).In this event, Religions for Peace and its partners will highlight case studies from diverse regions and peer-to-peer learning tools to explore how leaders from different faith traditions are challenging the power and norms within faith leadership and working together to harness resources and opportunities to transform prevailing patriarchies, including in the context of humanitarian emergencies.Registratin and more information here

Building a Better World: the Women Leading Religions for Peace

Never before have women led interfaith movements in such numbers and with such diversity. On the celebration of International Women’s Day, Religions for Peace is pleased to announce the release of a new Legacy Publication, Building a Better World: The Women Leading Religions for Peace, highlighting the hard work led by the women of Religions for Peace. The mission of Religions for Peace is to advance multi-religious cooperation and peacebuilding, and this cannot be achieved without the active involvement of the women featured in this publication.

International Women’s Day

March 8th is the day of celebrating women! Let’s celebrate together women’s empowerment!Asia Pacific Women of Faith Network will hold the online seminar, tilte “Enhancing Women’s Participation in Peacebuilding and Reconciliation in Asia” on March 9th!Please join us and learn women’s role for peacebuilding and reconciliation!For More Information>>Religions for Peace International celebrates Women’s History Month, not just in March, but every day. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of an article highlighting the women leading Religions for Peace across the globe, on the occasion of the International Day of Women.

Religions for Peace at Munich Security Conference

Religions for Peace joined the discussion about religion, diplomacy, and conflicts on 17 February at the 59th Munich Security Conference. “The test of commitment of religious institutions to peace and security globally, is their willingness to collaborate with and for all human rights,” stated Secretary General of Religions for Peace, Professor Azza Karam. This is a seminal moment toward ensuring that multi-religious and faith leaders are at the forefront of discussions around peace and security.

Religions for Peace: Help Religions for Peace Provide Relief in Türkiye and Syria

As we grieve for our brothers and sisters whose lives were lost during the earthquakes, we appeal to your hearts to help interventions through our Multi-Religious Humanitarian Fund (MRHF). Your support of this Fund can provide food, clothing and protection to the people of Türkiye and Syria, and ease their suffering in the coming days. Please make a difference by joining our efforts today.Statement from Religions for Peace-Japan.

Multi-Religious Prayer for Peace: Religions for Peace on February 7th

Please join us together!Multi-Religious Prayer for Peace and CompassionReligions for Peace and the Committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations are honoured to convene our partners, leaders, members, and all those dedicated to multi-religious collaboration and service for its annual Multi-Religious Prayer for Peace.Schedule: February 7th, 2023 at 8:30 AM (EST) (Check your regional time)