June 10, 2019

Flagship Project

ACRP Flagship Projects with its Two Core Principles: Their Identification and Implementation

ACRP currently requires flagship projects, which demonstrates how the organization is action-driven from a religious and interfaith perspective and also able to attract potential donors, who will financially support our humanitarian actives. The flagship project will enable the ACRP community of 21 member nations to be mindful again of ACRP’s responsibilities and duties in the Asia-Pacific region.

ACRP Flagship Projects

  The following projects and initiatives have been identified as the ACRP’s flagship projects for the time being.

  • Projects on Human Trafficking

    By the ACRP Women’s Network cooperation with RfP Philippines

  • Projects on Children/Women (Awareness of Education)

    By the RfP Nepal and RfP Bangladesh

  • Projects for Peace and Reconciliation

    By KCRP and KCR, RfP Bangladesh and RfP Myanmar

  • Projects on Development and Environment

    By the Working Commissions on Development and Environment

  • Advancement of Youth Leadership——APIYN Camp, APIYN Grant, the Youth Engagements in Environmental Protection

    By APIYN