June 7, 2019

Vision Mission Objective

The Vision

The Asia Pacific religious communities cooperate effectively for peace.

Since its founding in 1976, the Asian Conference of Religions for Peace, also known as Religions for Peace Asia, has been guided by the vision of an Asia Pacific region in which religious communities cooperate effectively for peace, justice and human dignity by taking concrete common action.

Rfp Asia(ACRP) is committed to leading efforts to advance effective multi-religious cooperation for peace on regional, national and local levels while ensuring that the religious communities organized on these same levels assume and exercise appropriate leadership and ownership of these efforts.

The Mission

RfP Asia advances common action among religious communities in Asia and the Pacific Peace.

The mission of ACRP is to promote Asian spiritualties and interreligious awareness and harmony as well as global and regional cohesion in the pursuit of peace, justice and human dignity and to uphold and develop the various religious heritages of the Asia-Pacific region in accordance with the authentic values of religion and spirituality.

The Objectives

  • To re-vitalize Asian religious heritage and to promote a creative and critical awareness of religious people in Asia towards peace, justice and human dignity.
  • To motivate the people of Asia and the Pacific region to make concerted efforts to promote peace.