<Religions for Peace-Interreligious Council of Thailand (RfP-IRC Thailand)>

Realizing the role and responsibility for establishing peace, reconciliation, and harmony, RfP Thailand and World Religions for Peace (WRC) held a conference on 18-19 May 2009 at CS Pattani Hotel. The participants in this meeting included the social leaders who had mutual agreement to set up Religions for Peace- Interreligious Council of Thailand (known for short as IRC Thailand). The objectives thereof are to provide cooperation to any religious organizations that seek for international peace, and to support the peace process, mutual understanding, and peaceful coexistence within Thai society in a sustainable manner.

Objectives and Commitments:
1. Promote dialogues, exchange of ideas, and experiences in creating peace in Thailand;

2. Develop the knowledge and the skills of peace creation of the social leaders, women, youth, and general public;
3. Provide suggestions, advice, and support to the peace process of all levels, particularly in the three south border provinces;
4. Collaborate, support, or ask for assistance from religious organizations and institutes, both government and private sectors, in and out of the country;
5. Publicize information about the peace creation, activities, and movement of IRC Thailand.

IRC Thailand recognizes that religious communities themselves through their leaders, outstanding persons, and grassroot congregations as the main “agents” of multi-religious cooperation, and that Religions for Peace structures should be designed to support the religious communities’ efforts for cooperation. The council is characterized by 3 features shared by RfP’s IRC around the world: representative, action-oriented, and sustainable.