National Chapters’ Report

Religions for Peace Asia is a dynamic Asian network working for world peace spreading from the Asia-Pacific region while respecting each other’s religions.

Since the 2021 Tokyo Governance Assembly, each chapter has been actively engaged in peace activities with its neighbors and in cooperation with domestic governments and NGO organizations. The achievements of their actions are reported at the annual ACRP Executive Council Meeting.

Among the activities, we have identified the ACRP Flagship Projects in April 2019, which are composed of five prioritized project areas: namely, 1) Prevention of Human Trafficking, 2) Education of the Dignity of Live, 3) Conflict Transformation and Reconciliation, 4) Development and Environment and 5) Advancement of Youth Leadership. The formulation of Flagship Projects was derived from the 11 specific recommendations for action, which are contained in the Incheon Assembly Declaration, adopted at the 8th Assembly of ACRP in 2014. Each of the five flagship projects is independent but interconnected and takes the initiative for peace.
(For more information on each project, please see the Flagship Project page here)

Here we would like to introduce you to each chapter’s activity report 2022.

01. Australia02. Bangladesh
03. Cambodia
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04. China
05. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
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06. East Timor
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07. India
08. Indonesia

09. Iraq
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10. Japan11. Kyrgyzstan
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12. Malaysia
13. Mongolia
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14. Myanmar
15. Nepal
16. New Zealand
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17. Pakistan
CC letter | CLIMATE CHANGE | Report on Flagship project | RfP Pakistan – Year Report | Smart Village

       Emergency Flood Relief Flagship Project (VIDEO)

18. Philippines
19. Republic of Korea
20. Singapore
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21. Sri Lanka22. Thailand



24. APWoFN
        APWoFN 2022 (Online seminars) | APWoFN 2022 (Online seminars)-2