Nutritious Dry Ration Packs for Mothers, and Mothers to be

Covid -19 virus affected all the countries in the world. Many people died and some are suffering from it. Other people in the world are living in fear of it. Governments took every possible measure to protect the people from this deadly pandemic, called Corona.

Sri Lanka’s government also followed the same line, and people are restricted to their houses. Well-to-do people can find ways to buy necessary food items while staying at home because some sellers are coming near the houses. Some of them can order food items from supermarkets to deliver them to their houses.  Now, almost five weeks under curfew, even they have faced problems getting nutritious foods as they wish.

Under this situation, the people who have no permanent jobs, and depend on ad hoc ways of earning money have faced difficulties to continue their life. These people are living in shanty houses throughout the country. There are so many such poor people living along mount Lavinia beach, in Sri Lanka where Ven. Senior Prof. Dhammajothi’s temple is located.  One week ago, Ven. Dhammajothi donated around nine hundred dry rations packets to these people with the help of some of his foreign students. This time, Ven, decided to help to pregnant women and mothers with children under age 6, providing nutritious food and dry ration packets. 

Ven, Dhammajothi requested some of his students, to support these children and women who are ready to give birth to an infant.  The first food pack was handed over to a mother with a child, by the Most Ven. Kotugoda Dhammavasa, the Supreme Patriarch of the Amarapura Sect in Sri Lanka, is the teacher of Ven, Dhammajothi, and resides in the same temple in Mount Lavinia, near the beach. More than four hundred dry ration packets were donated to mothers and those who are ready to be mothers.

Kofi Annan said: grownups have failed the world’s children by allowing, malnutrition, disease, and abuse.

The children are the treasure of a country. They should be protected and looked after well. If a country has physically weak children, its nation will also be weak in the future.  Once a deity came near the Buddha, and questioned him: what is the wealth of people? (kimsu vatthu manussanam).  The Buddha’s reply was: children are the wealth of people (puttavatthu manussanam. S,1. 82). So, people do anything to make life their sons and daughters.  When children are crying and asking for food, poor parents will engage even in anti-social acts to feed them. Hence, this food donation will help these people, for at least two weeks, to survive with their most loving children. This is a far seen great job done by the Ven, Dhammajothi with the help of his foreign students and friends.  These donors may have unmeasurable merits for their generosity. May they live long with health, wealth, and prosperity. May the Buddha bless them, their jobs, Business,  and education.

May the noble triple gem bless you all

Ven. Senor Prof. M. Dhammajothi Thero

Sri Dharmapalaramaya

Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka

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