RfP South Asia attending Mind-Heart Dialogue Training

Delegates of Religions for Peace Asia from the South Asia region are participating in the week-long Mind-Heart Dialogue Training in Kathmandu, Nepal from November 27 to December 1, 2023.

The Mind-Heart Dialogue is one of the key strategies in implementing the Faith and Positive Change for Children, families and communities initiative (FPCC), a global partnership with Unicef, which aims to move beyond single-sector, small-scale, ad-hoc and sometimes instrumentalist approaches of faith engagement in development and humanitarian work.

Mind-Heart Dialogue is an evidence-based reflective and experiential process, exploring faith convictions, lived experiences and knowledge to influence positive social and behaviour change.  It supports faith groups and development partners to work together to protect and empower children, families, and communities. 

The delegates are composed of Ms. Huma Kashif, Secretary General of RfP Pakistan, Ms. Pooja Manandhar, Secretary General of RfP Nepal, Dr. Rafiqul Islam, FPCC Coordinator of RfP Bangladesh, MN Amila Nuwan Madusanka, Youth Coordinator of RfP Sri Lanka, and Mr. Yash Dhamija of Religions for Peace India. 

The one week training aims to capacitate the participants to learn the knowledge and skills of the Mind-Heart Dialogue approach.  The completion of the training will certify them as national trainers in their respective countries to conduct series of activities and programs using the Mind-Heart Dialogue to effect Faith and Positive Change for Children, families, and communities.