Amila A Certified MHD Trainer of RfP Sri Lanka

Mr. Amila Nuwan Madhusanka, Youth Program Coordinator / Liaison Officer of Religions for Peace Sri Lanka is now a certified Mind-heart Dialogue national trainer after completing the week-long Mind-Heart Dialogue Training of Trainers (MHD TOT) in Kathmandu, Nepal from November 27 to December 1, 2023.

The Mind-Heart Dialogue is an evidence-based reflective and experiential process, that explores faith convictions, lived experiences, and knowledge to influence positive social and behavior change. It supports faith groups and development partners to work together to protect and empower children, families, and communities.

Mr. Amila Nuwan Madhusanka has completed his BA degree in Mass Communication and Master in Philosophy in Mass Communication and Public Relations from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.  He has also studied a special course in psychology at the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, and currently working as a professional counsellor.

He is an author, a freelance journalist, and prepared a large number of research articles in various areas. Amila Nuwan Madhusankha is doing great work for peace and reconciliation together with the National Peace Council of Sri Lanka. Currently, he is implementing many counselling and advocacy programs for children and adolescent girls.

“I consider it a privilege to participate in the Mind Heart Dialogue TOT program. The knowledge I gained from this is immense. It was pointed out from the beginning how to develop our potential as a facilitator.”

I believe that the knowledge and skills gained through the Mind-to-Heart Dialogue TOT Program will contribute to my professional life and social advocacy of promoting the rights and welfare of children through the RfP Sri Lanka programs and activities.  Mainly the confidence required to fearlessly stand up for children and their rights can never be forgotten. It will always remind my social responsibility.

In my personal life, respect for diversity, listening, and public relations will lead me to fulfil my social responsibility beyond the country and internationally. UNICEF’s ultimate goal is to invest the knowledge we gain from training for effective social change. For that, I will dedicate myself to creating a free and favourable environment for children in Sri Lankan society by collaborating with my team through RFP Sri Lanka. We have a clear objective and strategic plan for that. You will be able to see the social change we are making near future.”