Religions for Peace Calls all Parties to Choose, Peace, Dialogue, &Democracy

Statement of Religions for Peace International on the Crisis in Haiti

March 9, 2021

Religions for Peace International, representing leaders of the world’s diverse faith traditions and affiliated Interreligious Councils in 90 countries in six continents, expresses its deep concern at the escalation of political unrest that is generating more suffering for the people of Haiti. We appeal to all parties to cease violence and inflammatory rhetoric, to establish an inclusive, open, and respectful space of dialogue, and to find a peaceful solution favorable to the dignity and well-being of the Haitian people, who have long been plagued by poverty, conflicts, and political crises.
In solidarity with Religions for Peace Haiti, (Religions pour la Paix Haiti) which has been working diligently for more than ten years for justice, dialogue, and peace, Religions for Peace International appeals to all parties to strengthen the spirit of dialogue, negotiation, and understanding in their political culture. This strengthening is necessary to facilitate the peaceful resolution of disagreements, to prevent conflicts, and to create a climate conducive to political stability, democracy, and just development. Religions for Peace Haiti has proven its commitment to mediation in support of the Haitian people and stands ready to continue in this role.
In order to transform this difficult moment into an opportunity to strengthen and maintain the dignity of the people of Haiti, Religions for Peace International calls for:
  1. The immediate cessation of hate and inflammatory rhetoric and the multifaceted animosity and violence associated with it.
  2. The establishment of an inclusive, open, and respectful space of dialogue between stakeholders in order to find a peaceful solution favorable to the dignity, security, and well-being of the Haitian people.
  3. Active support of the media and civil society organizations in Haiti for dialogue and/or peace initiatives, especially of journalists and mediators.
  4. Emergency humanitarian aid from countries friendly and/or close to Haiti to alleviate the suffering of more than 5,000,000 poor people in severe food insecurity.
  5. An active and concrete role from the international community in the process of dialogue and peace, for the bringing of positive and lasting results.
Religions for Peace International commits itself to supporting its Haitian brothers and sisters in their desire and efforts for lasting peace.