An Urgent Appeal for Dialogue, Peace, and Security in Ethiopia

9 March 2021

Religions for Peace International, consisting of
leaders from the world’s diverse faith traditions and with affiliated national and regional bodies in 90 countries in six continents, expresses its deep concern regarding the reports of increased violence in Tigray, specifically in the holy city of Axum.
Although the details are unclear, the situation for many is becoming dire, as millions are deprived of food, water, shelter, and medicine. On behalf of all its regional and national entities, Religions for Peace International calls for:
  • An immediate cessation of violence from all parties and stakeholders throughout the Tigray region and the entire country,
  • Immediate access for humanitarian assistance,
  • Compassionate responses to all parties of the conflict, avoiding policies of elimination,
  • All people of faith and goodwill to support peace and dialogue, however possible, in the country.
Religions for Peace International, the African Council of Religious Leaders, and our national affiliate in Ethiopia are committed to intensifying multi-religious advocacy and action for dialogue, peace, and security.

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