Religions for Peace International Statement on Unfolding Events in Myanmar

Religions for Peace International is in solidarity with the people of Myanmar. Just as this organisation, convening faith leaders and institutions for over half a century, prays together for the healing of this nation, it condemns any and all efforts which subvert the democratic will of its peoples. 
In that vein, Religions for Peace International appeals to the military leadership for the immediate release of political detainees, the restoration of civilian governance, and the continued advancement of peace and reconciliation efforts in Myanmar. 
Leaders of Religions for Peace Myanmar, from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and Muslim communities, have advanced the multi-religious collaborative aspirations of their country, through myriad joint actions for peace and reconciliation.  
Religions for Peace International Co-President and the patron of Religions for Peace Myanmar, H.E. Cardinal Charles Bo, issued a statement on 25 January to reject a military solution to the nation’s challenges and urge all in power against diverting from the nation’s path to democracy, peace, and reconciliation. 
The principles expressed in the statement are in line with the values undergirding Religions for Peace’s Advisory Forum for National Reconciliation and Peace. The Advisory Forum stands as an example of an inclusive dialogue based on respect for human rights and dignity, in the context of international law.
Religions for Peace therefore calls on the current holders of national responsibility, to ensure that the Advisory Forum process continue to be supported and respected, such that multi-religious care and support for refugees and marginalised people is maintained. This, together with the restoration of civilian governance, are acts of mercy and accountability in delivering on the responsibilities to realise peace and reconciliation, in a country whose peoples have already suffered long and valiantly. 
The future belongs to the people of Myanmar. Their voices were heard as they elected their leaders. The collaborative work of the religious leaders in Myanmar is a testament not only to their courage and beliefs, but as long as they may continue to serve shared well-being, this work serves as a testament to the genuine goodwill of those who govern.

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