Nepal Chapter Report 2018-2019

Nepal Chapter Report

Religions for Peace Nepal presents to the ACRP Executive Committee its National Chapter Report between [September, 2018] and [March, 2019]. Also a glance on the past activities on the same joint project [2015-2019].

Project Goals:

  • To provide immediate relief and temporary shelter to villagers affected by 2015 earthquake though the joint participation of local religious leaders and interfaith representatives from various faiths.
  • To assist vulnerable victims of natural disaster.
  • To promote joint interfaith cooperation and action in Nepal along with promoting interfaith dialogue
  • To strengthen Rfp-Nepal

Overview of the activities carried out by Nepal chapter

between [May 2015 ] and [ March 2018]

Past Project Activities in brief [2015-2018]:

  • We have distributed the relief materials and helped people in, Ichungu, Ramkot, Okhar Pauwa, Dhading, Ghusel, Sankhu, Thanapati, Nuwakot and also Kirtipur.
  • RFP Nepal together with RFP International and ACRP have constructed toilets and bathrooms for the people in Mankha, Sindhupalchwok.
  • Although the funds were targeted towards earthquake victims, the Nepal flood 2018 victims were also in need of support. Since the project met the similar objective which was within the spirit of assisting vulnerable victims of natural disaster, we decided to build houses in Saptari. We handed over 18 houses in Saptari on18th February 2018.
  • RfP-Nepal entered into a partnership with a NGO called Manushi helped us to provide income generation training to 90 marginalized women.
  • We also donated School supplies to students in Sankhu, who had been victims of earthquake.
  • We helped an orphanage in Kirtipur. Their playground was damaged by earthquake so we helped them built a concrete playground.
  • We organized a presentation program on child marriage abolishment in Sapatari. A Buddhist Monk who had been conducting programs in the topic ‘Child Marriage Abolition’ went to Saptari and conducted a presentation.

Descriptions of activities carried out between [August, 2018] and [March, 2019]

List of Activities by RFP Nepal together with ACRP and RFP International [2018-2019]:

  1. Street Drama and Visualization on ‘Child marriage
  2. Rooms constructed and full set of clothing including track suit, shoes and socks donated to the orphans in ‘Helpless Children’s Home’, Kirtipur
  3. 15 Sewing Machines distributed to women in Saptari to be independent and self-sustainable.
  4. Blankets distributed to old people’s home and an orphanage.
  5. Talk program and a youth gathering done to strengthen RFP Nepal

Activity #1:

Project Name: Street Drama and Visualization on ‘Child marriage’
Date: The street play performed on 30th Dec 2018 at Bhediya (Saptari).

Project Details:

Child marriage Prevention is an important issue, RFP Nepal together with RFP International and ACRP thought of giving further continuity on it. We decided to do a street drama in Saptari.

We contacted a production company who had an ample experience in conducting such street dramas and also visualizing films. We asked them for a script which was later approved by a program officer in UNICEF, Ms. Sanju Bhattarai. She was kind enough to listen to our script and give us her valuable suggestions.

Finally on December 30th of 2018, the street drama was performed in Bhediya, Saptari. It was viewed by around 150 locals. We had also conducted a survey on how they liked the drama, what it was about etc. According to the survey conducted, most of the viewers knew what the drama was about and most of them said the correct age to marry is around 25.

We have also visualized the street drama. We have a longer and shorter versions of it. The longer version is about 16 minutes and the shorter version is about 7mins long. In order for the drama to be effective for the viewers to grasp the concept, the length should be longer but for the general viewing people may not have the patience to sit through entire 15 mins long so we thought of having two versions.

We also have a Hindu priest and an Islamic priest to put their views at the end of the video. They have backed up the fact that child marriage should end and shouldn’t be encouraged.

We have uploaded the video on YouTube.

YouTube Link to the video:

Nepal has the third highest rate of child marriage in Asia, we are trying to make a difference to change this scenario. We have started with our small steps and we are hopeful to make a big difference.



Activity #2:

Project Name: Rooms constructed and full set of clothing including track suit, shoes and socks donated to the orphans in Kirtipur for ‘Helpless Children’s Home’

Date: Clothes were donated on 17th February 2019. The construction of the rooms were completed on 28th February.

Project Details:

Helpless Children’s Home, Kirtipur, Chaubhar has about 40 children. Most of the children here are orphans, some disabled and come from very poor background.

Vikhunu  Dr. Anoja Guruma runs a Buddhist monastery called Sulakshan Kirti Bihar. She is one of the advisors in RFP Nepal. She co-founded ‘Helpless Children Home’. She and Mr. N.M Limbu are the care takers of the orphanage. It was established in 1997.

Recently the number of children in the orphanage increased and they needed more rooms to accommodate them. They have a two story building and on the terrace they have space to build couple of rooms with tin roofs.

RFP Nepal together with ACRP and RFP International has built them the space that they have required. They are very grateful.

We have also donated full set of clothing for each children in the orphanage. The set included track suit with jacket and trousers, a pair of shoes and socks.

Ariyana Limbu, is one of the orphan in this home, she was really happy to receive new set of clothes and so was the rest of the children.

Children are the future, if they don’t have good present then they might end up being menace to the society. It is our duty to help children especially orphans. We are hopeful that whatever little we have done will help shape their future.


Activity #3:

Project Name: Sewing Machines distributed to women in Saptari to be independent and self-sustainable

We found out that in Saptari there were few women who were in desperate need of help to find job for their livelihood. They had taken training in sewing skills but unable to start business without proper sewing machines. We donated about 15 sewing machines to them. They are very grateful now that they can start their own tailoring business and be independent.


Activity #4:

Project Name: Blankets distributed to old people’s home and an orphanage.

Date of Distribution: February 14th 2019

Project Details:

RfP Nepal together with RfP International and ACRP donated some blankets to Nisaya Sewa Kedra, Senior Citizen Home, Shantinagar, Kathmandu. This senior citizen home had majority of women living there. It is sad that parents can take of their children but unfortunately in old age some unfortunate parents are left unattended. Winters are harsh in Kathmandu so we decided to donate some blankets to them. We donated about 40 blankets to the senior citizens.

We also donated blankets to Om Gyan Chautari Handicapped Day Care Cetre, Nayabasti-6, Jorpati, Gokarneswor. This day care center had about 20 children living there. Some of the children were handicapped and some were autistic. They were in need of any help they could get, so we helped them with few blankets to keep them warm in the winter.

Activity #5:

Project Name: Talk program and a youth gathering done to strengthen RFP Nepal.

Project Details:

Talk program on ‘Role of Interfaith in World Peace’ was held on 5th January 2019, at Pragya Pratisthan, Kamaladi,Kathmandu. The Chief Guest was Dr. Triratna Manandhar: Former VC of Buddhist University, Nepal. Speakers were from Bahai- Narendra Pandey, from Jain- Jyoti Kumar Begami, from Christian- Bill Robins , from Hindu – Chintamani Yogi, from Islam- Maolana Abdul Kalam, from Brahma Kumari Rajyog Center- Brahma kumara Rajyogini Tapaswini Rajdidi jyu.They all presented their views on ‘Role of Interfaith in World Peace’. Mrs. Indira Manandhar on her welcome speech also urged each of the organization to nominate some potential members to be part of RFP Nepal. This was also an attempt to expand RfP Nepal.

Youth Gathering:

We organized a meeting on 14th November 2018. We had invited about 15 young people and organized an introduction program. We introduced them to RFP Nepal, we talked about our affiliations, objectives, activities and also our future endeavors. They also got chance to introduce them to us. Seven of them have shown interest and has been listed as the new members of RFP Nepal. Most of them are Hindu and only one Buddhist.

Ms. Shiekh Nanda Banu was present in this gathering and she has assured us that’ll she will have some Muslim members to join us as well. We will also urge other religious members to join us so that there is diversity.