India Chapter Report 2018-2019

National Chapter Report (2018-19) Greetings from India. This is a brief Report of activities of “Religions for Peace India” for the period from April 2018 to March 2019.India is a founder member of WCRP and ACRP. The source of our inspiration and interest in multi-religious approach to find solution to various problems springs from the age-old belief in, what we call, “Sarva Dharma Smabhava” (Equal respect for all religions).  “Unity in Diversity” is India’s national creed. “Ahimsa Paramo Dharma” (Nonviolence is the Ultimate Righteousness) is yet another ancient exhortation we all believe in. Respecting and upholding these civilizational values, our secular democratic Constitution guarantees equal respect and right to all religions.  Read more about India Chapter Report 2018-2019[…]

Nepal Chapter Report 2018-2019

Nepal Chapter ReportReligions for Peace Nepal presents to the ACRP Executive Committee its National Chapter Report between [September, 2018] and [March, 2019]. Also a glance on the past activities on the same joint project [2015-2019].Project Goals:To provide immediate relief and temporary shelter to villagers affected by 2015 earthquake though the joint participation of local religious leaders and interfaith representatives from various faiths.To assist vulnerable victims of natural disaster.To promote joint interfaith cooperation and action in Nepal along with promoting interfaith dialogueTo strengthen Rfp-NepalOverview of the activities carried out by Nepal chapter between [May 2015 ] and [ March 2018]Past Project Activities in brief [2015-2018]:We have distributed the relief materials and Read more about Nepal Chapter Report 2018-2019[…]