Announcement: ACRP New Leadership

The ACRP Tokyo Assembly was held online from October 17 to 22, 2021. About 500 people from all over the world participated.During the assembly, the Governance Assembly approved the new leadership of ACRP!Please refer to each page for details.ACRPAsia & the Pacific Interfaith Youth NetworkAsia-Pacific Women of Faith Network

You are invited to ACRP Ninth General Assembly!!!

Registration is now open for ACRP Ninth General Assembly!Please register BEFORE you join!With its 21 member nations comprising more than half of humanity, the Asian Conference of Religions for Peace (ACRP), now generally known as Religions for Peace Asia, will hold its Ninth Asian Assembly in Tokyo in 19th-22nd October 2021 in online mode.The overall aims of the General Assembly are to approve a new constitution, appoint the office-bearers for the next five years, approve the Assembly declaration and, lastly, to approve a series of recommendations as part of an ACRP action plan that would guide the organization and the Tokyo secretariat until the next Assembly, probably in 2025.Youth Pre-Assembly: Read more about You are invited to ACRP Ninth General Assembly!!![…]


Reflections on the Meaning of the Three Gandhian Issues in Interpreting the Practice of Religious Life in Society ~Non-Violence, Environment, and Education~Religions for Peace Asia is pleased to announce that our esteemed members of INTERFIDEI are going to hold series of talk shows under the theme of Non-violence, Environment, and Education.Every 21st September, the world, including Indonesia, celebrates “International Day of Peace,” especially among interfaith youth groups in various regions, which is important and interesting. It is a good “sign” that PEACE is still expected in Indonesia and needs to be prayed for and fought for.“International Day of Peace” is also followed by the 153rd anniversary of Gandhi Jayanti and Read more about INTERFIDEI TALK SHOWS[…]

Announce an Achievement of Religions for Peace

Religions for Peace to Be Awarded the European Culture Prize on Friday, October 1st.~~The European Cultural Foundation Pro Europa awarded the European Culture Prize~~Religions for Peace, as a Faith-Based Organization, has been working hand in hand with people of different religions for world peace.It is pleased to announce that we received a highly distinguished     Pro Humanitate (Humanitarian) prize for the extraordinary work in service of humanity, led by Secretary-General, Dr. Azza Karam.The award winners this year are more international than ever. TV presenter and three-time Echo Klassik award winner Malte Arkona will be hosting the gala and international musicians were responsible for the program. This day became a memorable Read more about Announce an Achievement of Religions for Peace[…]

Charity Fundraising for Peace in Afghanistan!

Let not Silence the Voices of Peace!We, Asian Conference of Religions for Peace Tokyo, have been supporting “Afghanistan Peace Action”, which our Japanese partner organization, Peace Village United, and its Afghan partner, Your Voice Organization has been conducting for many years.In order to make their effort known to as many people as possible and to continue the project in Afghanistan, we have been implementing a two-month Fundraising Campaign from August 1st to October 30th, 2021.  In the previous years, “Afghanistan Peace Action!” has been carrying out various peace activities such as learning about peace and non-violence, peace actions initiated by Afghan citizens themselves, peace art, peace dissemination training, raising citizens’ Read more about Charity Fundraising for Peace in Afghanistan![…]

Online Symposium for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (RfP Japan)

[ONLIE SYMPOSIUM] hosted by Religions for Peace JapanSTOPNUCLEAR DEPENDENCYWorld Conference of Religions for Peace(WCRP∕RfP)Japan has a special project division, 【Stop✋ Nuclear Dependency Task Force】, which continues to work on the abolition of nuclear weapons.We are pleased to announce to all of you that the Task Force team will conduct a virtual seminar for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons on September 12, 2012.゜+.――゜+.――゜+.――゜+.――゜+.――゜+.――゜+.――゜+.――゜+゜+.――゜+.――゜+.――゜+.――゜◆ Theme: 〜The Role of Civil Society in Japan and the U.S. from the Perspective of Religious Leaders〜◆ Date: September 12th, 2021 (Sun)◆ Time: 2:00-4:30PM (JST) ◆ Overall Schedule: Opening Remarks                                      Keynote Read more about Online Symposium for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (RfP Japan)[…]

Interfaith Choir for Peace

♪♬♪ “Heal The World” by Interfaith Choir ♪♬♪ message from the Director of the DIAN Institute/InterfideiIn order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the DIANInstitute/Interfidei on 10 August 2021 and the 76th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia on 17 August 2021, Interfidei together with all interfaith networks in Indonesia includes children, youth, students, activists, religious leaders, housewives, people with diverse age and gender backgrounds, they all join the ” Interfaith Choir for Peace “.At this celebration, the Interfaith Choir for Peace collaborated by singing the song “Heal The World” which was re-arranged by Ryo Emannuel (a music coach who is also concerned with interfaith movements through music).We hope that through Read more about Interfaith Choir for Peace[…]