Prof. Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam of RfP Bangladesh attended is a Certified Mind and Heart Dialogue national trainer

The UNICEF, Religions for Peace, and Joint Learning Initiatives (JLI) have organized the Mind and Heart Dialogue Training of Trainers from 27 November to 1st December 2023 in Katmandu Nepal. The program was organized to train the coordinators of each country to implement the Mind-and-Heart Dialogue project in South Asian countries. This training program aims to support faith leaders and organizers to influence attitudes, behavior, and social change that protects and empowers children, families and communities.

Professor Dr. Md Rafiqul Islam, the representative of Religion for Peace (RfP), Bangladesh and coordinator of the Mind and Heart Project in Bangladesh attended this training program along with Amal Kha Kha of ARDA and Shafiqul Islam Talukdar of Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh.

This five-day long training program was composed of various sessions on theoretical understanding of mind and heart dialogue; spaces for mind and heart dialogue; mind and heart dialogue activities; and monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning issues. Besides these learning topics, there are some activities where participants attended actively. Each morning every single session was started after following prayers and mind game. Each section was interactive and full of learning.

Professor Islam actively participated in each session. He also attended group discussions and other activities. Professor Islam also answered several questions shared by the trainers. Dr. Islam along with his country representatives prepared the action plan that will be implemented in Bangladesh with the collaboration of UNICEF, Islamic Relief, JLI, and Islamic Foundation. On the final day, Professor Islam presented the action plan before the organizers and other representatives. This training program paved the way for understanding and cooperation among the stakeholders, funders, religious leaders and other concerned bodies to prepare the action plan and implement the mind and heart dialogue project.