A Narrative Report of RfP Multi-Religious Humanitarian Support Fund- COVID-19 Response

On April, Religions for Peace (RfP) launched the Multi-religious Humanitarian Fund (MRHF)  in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This project is currently financing 20 projects in 20 countries. 
From ACRP National Chapters, RfP Myanmar and Philippines were nominated as MRHF project.

RfP International, through this Fund, will provide a small seed grant to those Inter-religious Councils (IRC) and multi-religious networks who are able to propose programs aimed at enhancing awareness about precautionary measures, supporting vulnerable households, combating discrimination in speech as well as actions, and serving the needs of the most vulnerable individuals and communities. The inter-religious platforms who will be awarded this will have a track record of collaboration, and/or humanitarian relief provision.

Here is a final narrative reports of RfP Myanmar and Philippines, implemented MRHF Project.
RfP Myanmar: click here
RfP Philippines: click here

※More Projects Funded by the MRHF, please check out RfP International WEB Site.

Religions for Peace’s Multi-Religious Humanitarian Fund is bringing together
diverse religious leaders, communities and people.