Speech by Principal Sukomal Barua at the Webinar Hosted by CCRP in Oct. 2020

Principal SukomalBarua
President, Religions for Peace Asia – Bangladesh Chapter

Most Ven. Pagbalha GelegNamgyai, President of CCRP
Mr. Deng Zonliang, Honorable Executive Vice President of CCRP
Mr. La Can, Honorable Secretary General of CCRP
And Honourable CCRP Leaders,

Greetings of Peace to you all.

It is a great opportunity for me to be able to participate in this very important webinar. I thank the honorable CCRP leaders for kindly allowing me to speak a few words here.

Today we are living in the world of diversity in culture, political, and economic systems. In this world, different people may have different opinions on different problems. Yet, there are problems common to all and we are interested in finding an answer to them. There will be no final solution to our human problems. Therefore, we must accept the Unity in Diversity concept in finding a common platform for solving common problems of peace and security.


Lord Buddha conquered the world with his infallible weapons of love and truth. His teachings illuminate the way for mankind to cross from a world of darkness, hatred, and suffering to a new world of light, love, and happiness. The present COVID-19 pandemic is a lesson for the people of the whole world. It has shattered the whole of mankind. We are spending billions of dollars to fight with our visible enemies but not yet prepared to fight with our invisible enemies. We have to keep in mind that humans are not only political and economic beings but also spiritual beings. In such a dangerous situation, it is the responsibility of each one of us to work for genuine world peace.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for a concerted effort for world peace and in this, the followers of various world religions have a special responsibility and I think it is the right time to work out the way for happy mundane life of the universal human society which Lord Buddha desired for mankind. Thus, we have to realize the truth before it is too late. We do firmly believe that nothing but the unconditional love, amity, fraternity, and congenial human feeling amongst the nations and nations alone can make this world an abode of happiness for all sentient beings.

Yet, we shall have to face many severe winters yet. The bright spring will never come unless we all work together in a spirit of indomitable faith and courage to build peace for the world.

The world will only be healed when the various faith traditions begin to really listen and learn from one another.

May the blessings of the Triple Gem be showered on all human beings.

Thank you all.