Speech by Mr. Khalid Marwat, President of Religions for Peace Pakistan, at the Webinar Hosted by CCRP in Oct. 2020

Mr. Khalid Marwat
President of Religions for Peace Pakistan

Pakistan, as located in a strategic position on the global map with a responsible country, encountered the COVID-19 pandemic as we just got out of the war against terror in a successful manner and the same successful result was also achieved against this deadly virus.

The financial constraints being faced as a developing country made us stronger and encouraging to stop this time testing element. The lockdowns throughout the country in rural and urban areas were strictly imposed without any discrimination of religion, sect, or ethnicity as the less privileged in financial aspect was the main hurdle to practically impose it but the government and the NGOs with their best available resources managed to cope with it and the result was exemplary as the government for the financial assistance released billions of rupees to the low income or the effectiveness of this pandemic as per family Pak Rs. 12000 was disbursed which helped the people living in rural areas as the total figure amounts to One Lac Twenty Thousand Families across the country which is official documented and this would be more in number if the big power would not have been indulged for providing save heaven to money launders who dumped their black assets in the respective concern countries.

The smart lockdown was the most vital and effective step by the government which helped to stop this pandemic rapidly as well the testing kits were also helpful in the affected areas. The death rate in Pakistan was less than ten thousand as compared to other countries of the region as well the affected people timely detection and isolation made us successful to combat the testing time.

At this harsh and hard phase of history the CCRP i.e. China Committee on Religion and Peace made a generous contribution and role by dispatching/providing Ten Thousand Surgical Masks to the Pakistan Chapter which was timely donated to a charity hospital known as Indus Hospital at Karachi the biggest Medical Assistance Provider in the country where a section of Hospital was converted into Corona Center.

For this gesture and human love service, we the members of ACRP, Pakistan Chapter on behalf of the entire nation are quite obliged and grateful for this token of love from the CCRP as well the Chinese Nation. 

As the efforts and Cooperation to promote common well-being for human being based upon multi-religious platform provided us to help the individual family which was accomplished by approaching the deserving community members of diverse religions by providing food/ration packages at their doorstep in the slump areas of the city as well as the clothing by chapter members with our especially Secretary-General Huma efforts. The Pandemic was a new even experience faced by the human beings with no experience or thought so the rumors, speculations and baseless, false charges engulfed the people as the testing harsh time was enchased by some certain elements of power by tagging specific nation or a country which was and is condemnable because as per history is followed it says that almost after a certain time this globe is affected by one or other type of diseases or virus.

The Pakistani Government policy towards the nation was equal and leveled one irrespective of any discrimination towards religion or belief as the mosques, churches, temples were initially temporarily closed with the consultation and acknowledgment of the religious leaders and representatives which with the passage of time the restrictions were quite eased withstanding operation procedure (SOP) i.e. Social distancing putting marks on the praying floor or benches to ensure the physical distance as well masks, hand gloves, sanitizing gates were also made mandatory at the premises as well the private and government offices followed the same procedure although a long marathon discussion was done at the parliament as well as the provincial assemblies as a result phase-wise opening of the businesses, shopping centers, and educational institutions are re-opened which is still in process.

This pandemic generally is known as COVID-19, has taught us a great lesson to re-engineer our health parameters such the diet concentration, timely health checkup well a routine exercise in this haphazard style of the present world including the government policy regarding the health sector was also in-depth checked for the reason in case of emergency of such kind in future (God forbid). The pharmaceutical industry was given many incentives for the drugs made for preventing this COVID-19. The need for the ventilators was for the first time more felt rather than before as the global demand or shortage was on screen.

This situation made our lifestyles quite changed where the corners of every aspect of life were felt which needed to be addressed such as personal hygiene, a good diet, physical fitness, medical attention and family sharing times as we know that the number of people who got victim is about one million and the effectiveness in millions which didn’t spare any religion members or big economic powers making them halt.

This period of the pandemic in the year 2020, brought a pause in our life which teaches and messages us for a combine strong effort to progress in various human being’s beneficial programs, although the social and economic crises are being faced due to fragile peace in the world which got coupled to the present scenario.

As the earth is still in the grip of the present situation so to eliminate other problems which are generated due to financial restraints needed to be addressed such as the developed nations should right of the debts of under developing countries so that a load of taxes should not be shifted on the shoulders of the general masses of the respective countries, unfortunately, the biggest continent Asia has always been the target of the wars which for not started from this part but the consequences of it have been always shared by Asian continent, the birthplace of three monotheist religions i.e. Judaism, Christianity and Islam as well old civilization in western Asia.

As a result, the global Corona Virus  Pandemic has sparked economic cries like no other resulting in GDP plunging 4.9 % this year and wiping out twelve trillion Dollars over two years which shows that three hundred million jobs have been lost in the second quarter of the year, so the unemployment leads to financial darkness which further gives birth to social problems such as criminal activities, illegal trading, environmental issues resulting in regional conflicts instigated by rich members of the world community.

Concludingly we all the organizations for peace should be committed practically no matter on a micro level as a single stick of burning match is a source of light and way towards the goal and destination.

Hoping a new horizon of peace, harmony and tranquility will prevail above all as we, at last, are a human being no matter who we are.