Speech by Mr. Essan Secundar, President of Religions for Peace Belgium, at the Webinar Hosted by CCRP in Oct. 202

Mr.Essan Secundar
President of Religions for Peace Belgium

Respected Chair of Development and Environment committee of ACRP,

Respected President of CCRP, board members of CCRP, respected representatives, and Friends.

Greetings from Religions for peace Belgium.

Thank you very much to give me the opportunity to say a few words during this Webinar, which is very important to share our experiences of how interfaith unity playing a crucial role, controlling the pandemic of Covid-19.

Religions for Peace Belgium is working regularly with different religious responsible to know how they are organizing their religious activities during the pandemic and also informing their followers, providing vital information and other measures to protect themselves and their families by following guidance received from the health department. The efforts of prevention continue.

CCRP has played a very important role in solidarity to fight this common enemy COVID-19. It was an interfaith unity that you demonstrated. Many countries benefited from your generosity and help among was Belgium.

In a time where Europe was desperately looking for face masks to protect the medical staffs risking their lives to protect the lives of others, CCRP expressed its solidarity by sending to Belgium peoples, as donation 20,000 face masks which was distributed to Medical center, Old houses, handicap schools, orphanage, federal police force, elderly people, homeless and to different religious organizations to distribute to their members at risk. I would like also to figure out is that the board of Religions for Peace Belgium played an important role to identify a list of priorities for this distribution, it was done under teamwork.

All the religions teach solidarity to others but during this pandemic, every religion could put into practice this teaching to humanity.

Belgium as a country will always remember your generosity and support in this difficult time of COVID-19 health crisis which has killed more than 8000 peoples in Belgium with more than 55,000 infected at that time.

Where ever I donated these face masks in Belgium, I did it in the name of CCRP and Religions for Peace Belgium.

China as a country you provided assistance to over 130 countries and international organizations to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Once again on behalf of the board of Religions for Peace Belgium and the Belgium peoples, we extend our gratitude to the board of CCRPVen.PagbalhaGelegNamgyai,President CCRP Mtr.Deng, Executive Vice President and Mr.Lacan, Secretary-General of CCRP and Miss Chen and the people of China. We in Belgium will never forget the people of China’s gesture of solidarity, love, and humanity towards the people of Belgium during this thread of COVID-19.

We are together with love and unity.

Stay safe

Thank you for your attention.