Speech by Imam Adilijiang Ahjikelim, Deputy Secretary General of CCRP, at the Webinar Hosted by CCRP in October 2020

Advocating Islamic Fine Traditions and Contributing to Defeating COVID-19

Imam Adilijiang Ahjikelim
Deputy Secretary-General of China Committee on Religion and Peace
Vice President of China Islamic Association

Under the strong leadership of the Chinese government, Chinese people finally controlled COVID-19 and restored normal social life by fighting hard against the pandemic and helping each other. However, the pandemic is still rampant in the whole world, and not yet controlled completely. COVID-19 has been a great threat to public health, even life security for all human beings.

As a national religious group, the China Islamic Association has played an active role in guiding Chinese Muslims to prevent the virus.

First, Notice about preventing and controlling COVID-19 and Proposal of preventing and controlling COVID-19 by unity and mutual help were issued to all Muslims to ask them, bearing in mind the overall situation, to act on the anti-epidemic guidance in firm confidence and donate love to win the battle against the pandemic. All local Islamic associations, mosques, and Muslims actively responded to this call, and stopped collective religious activities immediately, and started sterilizing the first time.

Second, education and guidance about controlling the virus were carried out completely through new media. For example, to educate Muslims by al wa’z. China Islamic Association issued in time special wa’z like advocating Islamic fine traditions and contributing to defeating COVID-19, preventing the virus in scientific way and assisting in winning the battle against COVID-19, How Muslims will treat the pandemic to teach all Muslims to act according to Quran, and stopped all collective religious behaviors. Besides, China Islamic Association also advocated to express sympathy and solicitude to family members of doctors and nurses in the first front. All Muslims answered this call and gave condolence payment and thank-giving letters to their families. All these warm-hearted actions showed the consciousness of Muslims to breathe together and share a common future with our motherland.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, China Islamic Association has called all Muslims to contribute to preventing and controlling the pandemic in the spirit of helping the vulnerable and the endangered, being benevolent. Up to now, all Islamic associations and Muslims from different ethnic groups have donated more than 120 million.

Today, we should help each other based on the concept of a shared future for mankind. We should treat all human beings as our own brothers and sisters in combating the pandemic and dedicate our full love and strength. The pandemic of COVID-19 is important testing for human beings, and it also persuades us to move forward while making us rethink. The virus, though small, has posed a great danger to us. In face of this tiny virus, the noisy world is suddenly quiet and we realized human beings is not omnipotent, and we should cherish the honors to others. However, there is always an opportunity in crisis. Crisis lets us know everybody could be involved and opportunity encourages us to help each other and share common futures in the same boat.

We pray to Allah, let the pandemic end earlier and shield health and peace for all human beings, let the patients recover earlier and the country prosperous and the world peaceful.