Closing Remarks by Mr.Deng Zongliang, Executive Vice President of CCRP, at the Webinar Hosted by CCRP in October 2020

Mr.Deng Zongliang
Executive Vice President of CCRP

Dear guests, friends,

The theme of this webinar is Solidarity and Cooperation-International Webinar on Multi-Religious Response to COVID-19 and Shared Well-being. The pandemic is threatening us , regardless of region, race, history, culture, social system, ideology. COVID-19 has claimed the life of more than 1 million in the whole world, and we are experiencing the most serious global public health crisis since the end of the WWⅡ, and new challenges of economic development and social governance. Faced unprecedented and rampant virus, all countries share a common future. Just as Chinese President Xi Jinping ever stated, COVID-19 has warned us in a special way that human beings are a community with a shared future. International societies need to prevail over the common challenges facing humanity and to build a more prosperous and better world in firm resolution and solidarity.

Chinese cultures value mercy, humanitarian aid, helping the vulnerable, which has persuaded people to help each other in disasters. Guided by traditions of serving society and benefitting others, Chinese religious communities have collected funds and materials, or provided volunteer service, or praised doctors and nurses by videos to fight against the virus. National religious associations gave immediate directions to local holy places and guided believers online to fight against the pandemic in a scientific way, making due contributions as part of people’s battle with the virus. Chinese religious circles also did their best to conduct international cooperation and provide surgical materials to other countries. Overcoming difficulties such as shortage of surgical materials, reduction of international cargos, more customs formalities, and provided more than 100, 000 surgical masks for RfP chapters in Asia and Europe to help local religious believers and the vulnerable, fulfilling duties of promoting global public well-beings.

As chair chapter of ACRP Development and Environment Committee, CCRP would like to offer a platform for ACRP colleagues to share experiences in the fight against COVID-19 and discuss how interfaith organizations work in preventing the contagious, improving public health, and implement UN 2030 goals more efficiently.

Although we met online today, we have had complete discussions including the warning of the virus, meanings of life, religious duties, and experiencing to prevent COVID-19. It is a consensus that faced global challenges like COVID-19, human beings have shared the future, should work hand in hand. Interfaith organizations should be advocators and practitioners to build a world of justice, peace, health, and prosperity by facilitating communication and solidarity among different peoples. I’m confident that this webinar will bring us some help and enlightenment. I would like to share my views in this regard.

First, to guide believers to love and dedicate by interfaith cooperation

Life is the most valuable and cherishing life, love and dedication are shared values of all civilizations. Chinese cultures insist on the spirit of putting people’s lives first. Chinese President Xi Jinping emphasized that China is willing to do whatever it takes to protect people’s lives. Today, all speakers also told stories about what you have done to fight against the virus. During this special time, we should do more to guide believers to respect the life, value, and dignity of human beings, maintain optimistic, shoulder duties, and help each other so as to prevent the virus by interfaith cooperation.

Second, to improve common well beings for mankind by interfaith cooperation

COVID-19 proved again that, people from all countries share common well beings and are a community with a shared future. Unity and cooperation among international societies is the right way to overcome the pandemic. When it was the worst time, many national, regional, and international regions extended sincere condolences and support to us, including RfP, ACRP, and their chapters. Chinese people will cherish this friendship forever. China also worked with other countries by issuing in time information about the pandemic, research results, and treatment plans, providing international medical aids for the global fight against COVID-19. Health is one of the important criteria for sustainable development. Improving common well being by helping each other is a necessity for preventing and controlling the pandemic, dealing with current global challenges, and realizing UN 2030 goals.

Third, to advance communication, trust, and consensus by interfaith cooperation.

Facts tell us, politicizing and labeling the pandemic will make it more dangerous to people’s lives and interests, rather than preventing it and protecting people. We are experiencing a transformation the likes of which hasn’t happened for a century, and the pandemic is facilitating the process. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the UN, and it’s a crucial time to think where we shall go. Not long ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed a high-level meeting to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. I noticed some enlightening keywords in his remarks, such as justice, rule of law, cooperation, actions. We should advocate mutual respect, equal communication, and inclusiveness, practice interfaith and inter-cultural dialogues, strengthen mutual understanding, trust by interfaith cooperation. We should strengthen the foundation for world-long-term and sustainable development, and build a better-shared future for mankind, which are unshakable duties.

Dear guests, friends,

The history of humanity is full of fights against diseases and disasters, but we have never been defeated, but developed through the ordeals. I believe, as long as we join hands in solidarity and cooperation, shall we overcome the virus and welcome a bright future full of sunshine.

Thank you.