Multifaith Prayer/Meditation for COP Event

2023 Prayers and Meditations for the Earth and UN Climate Change Conference
– United Arab Emirates Nov – Dec 2023 (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP 28)

Dear Prayers and Meditation Supporters and Friends,


Following on from the successful ‘Contemplative Tuesdays Prayers and Meditation’ zoom gatherings last year people are requesting that we offer a similar program in the lead up to UNFCC COP 28 UAE to encourage actions, which will lead to a sustainable future for our planet


 Australian Religious Response to Climate Change Western Australian Branch (ARRCC WA) and The Brahma Kumaris Australia are pleased to announce that an open multi faith group will be meeting over zoom commencing Thursday, 3rd August to pray and meditate for climate justice for our Earth and a successful outcome at the COP.

Please join us on Thursdays- for 30 minutes

 * August 3rd, 2023-September 30th, 2023 (see your regional time here)

3.30pm Wellington 

1.30pm  Sydney/Melbourne/Hobart

1 pm Adelaide/ Darwin

12.30pm Tokyo/Seoul/ Suva

11.30am Perth/Manila/Beijing

10.30am Jakarta/Bangkok/Jakarta/Phnom Penh

9am New Delhi

8.30am Islamabad

 * From October 1st, 2023-December, 2023 (Check your regional time here)
Passcode: 082143 


❖ By arranged roster, someone offers a 5 minute reflection  (Brahma Kumaris, Muslim, Christains, Buddhist, Quakers etc)

❖ After a bell is sounded we enter silent meditation for 20 minutes, each according to our tradition.

❖ The bell is gently sounded again to end the silence.

❖ Those who want to take the silence with them can then leave.

❖ Those who want to stay and converse for a few minutes can do so

❖ We aim to conclude in 30 minutes.

❖ Participants attend when they are able to do so


Co-facilitator Elaine George ARRCC WA