Multi-Faith and Intergenerational Prayer Service

Religions for Peace has invited its friends, partners, and believers to share reflections and offer a multi-faith prayer service for 2022 and beyond to reflect on the past and pray for the future.

Please join us for prayers that will be offered from all faith traditions all over the world “
Multi-Faith and Intergenerational Prayer Service,” on 3 February at 8:30am ET/10:30pm JST (Local time here).
Let us pray together that our hearts soften towards one another, in every corner of our world, that we may commit to serving each beating heart and all life, without any discrimination and with all love. That we give gratitude for the spaces and places that bring us together to serve together the common good.
We hope that you will be able to join, and look forward to seeing you online. Interpretation will be available for Arabic, French, and Spanish.

Registration Link

Speakers to includes:
Prof. Dr. Azza Karam, Secretary-General
Rev. Masahiro Nemoto, Deputy Secretary General[ad interim] (Moderator) 

Dr. Vinu Aram (Hindu, India)
Rev. Sr. Agatha Ogochukwu Chikelue (Christian, Nigeria)
H.E. Metropolitan Emmanuel (Christian, France)
Mr. Homi Gandhi (Zoroastrian, India/ United States)
Rabbi Rick Jacobs (Jewish, United States)
H.E. Sheikh Shaban Mubaje (Muslim, Uganda)
Ms. Liliane Nkunzimana (Representative to the United Nations, Bahá’í International, United States)
Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher (invited) (Christian, Germany)
Priestess Beatriz Schulthess (Indigenous, Costa Rica)
Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh (Sikh, United Kingdom)
Most Rev. Jose Domingo Ulloa ☆(Christian, Panama)
Rev. Megumi Wada (Buddhist, Japan)