The documentary “Bali Knits the Climate” takes us to the island of Bali, which is famous for its natural and cultural beauty. But Bali is also facing a serious problem, which is climate change. climate change. The movie starts its story with the celebration of Nyepi, a day when everyone in Bali is are not allowed to leave the house. 

The movie teaches us how important it is to protect the forests, which are called the “lungs of the world. of the world.” People in Bali have worked hard to plant trees and keep their forests healthy. and keep their forests healthy. 

We also meet Balinese youth who are fighting for fairer social and economic rights. They know that climate change could adversely affect them, so they work together with other communities to fight climate change in Bali. 

Through interviews with local heroes, the movie inspires us to do our part to protect nature and confront climate change. 

role in protecting nature and confronting climate change. This movie is a complete story about Bali’s beauty and challenges, and the main message is that we can all contribute to healing our Earth to create a better future.