【After Sunrise SYNOPSIS】

“After Sunrise” is a masterpiece of documentary filmmaking from SMAN 2 Singaraja that explores the relationship between global temperature rise and some of Bali’s Hindu cultures. In this questioning journey, the film features interviews with religious leaders, the head of SMAN 2 Singaraja, and other interviewees who have unique views on climate change. 

The film discusses how Balinese religious teachings hold a responsibility towards the sustainability of nature and how these beliefs can be a source of inspiration to keep the earth sustainable. At the same time, the film highlights the coming together of religious provisions and concrete actions to fight climate change.

With beautiful visual imagery and a strong narrative, “After Sunrise” not only illustrates the negative impacts of climate change, but also explores the potential for collaboration between people of faith to care for our earth together. The film shows that, through understanding and cooperation, we can create harmony between religious or cultural diversity and the fight against the global climate crisis. 

Person in charge:

Dr. I Made Bawa Mulana Spd, MPd


I Putu Dharma Wira Adi Pratama

Made Sukrana

Dr. I Made Bawa Mulana Spd, MPd

Gede Erick Wahyu Suyasa


Gede Mas Mahendradita, S.Pd.

Komang Dewangga Adi Sutra, S. Pd.

Dewa Putu Arimbawa Putra

Film Crew:

Komang Agus Aditya

Kadek Farida Dwi Yanti

I Putu Dharma Wira Adi Pratama