Announce an Achievement of Religions for Peace

Religions for Peace to Be Awarded the European Culture Prize
on Friday, October 1st.

~~The European Cultural Foundation Pro Europa awarded the European Culture Prize~~

Religions for Peace, as a Faith-Based Organization, has been working hand in hand with people of different religions for world peace.
It is pleased to announce that we received a highly distinguished     Pro Humanitate (Humanitarian) prize for the extraordinary work in service of humanity, led by Secretary-General, Dr. Azza Karam.

The award winners this year are more international than ever. TV presenter and three-time Echo Klassik award winner Malte Arkona will be hosting the gala and international musicians were responsible for the program. This day became a memorable evening where culture and cross-border exchange were finally be celebrated again.

We will take this joyous day of awarding as a new beginning and continue to work hand in hand for world peace.

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