INTERFIDEI Interfaith Schools XIII General Lecture

Interfaith Schools XIII General Lecture

The Interfaith School (SLI) is jointly organized by the Institute for Interfaith Dialogue in Indonesia, the Faculty of Theology, Duta Wacana Christian University (UKDW), the Theology Faculty, Sanata Dharma University and the Ushuluddin Faculty, State Islamic University, Yogyakarta. This year is SLI XIII. Held for 1 (one semester). Participants learn together virtually with leaders, institutions, religious communities, civil society, education centres, and central and local governments, spread across various provinces in Indonesia: Papua, East Nusa Tenggara, Poso, Toba, Banjarmasin, West Sulawesi, Jakarta, Bali, Garut, Probolinggo, Yogyakarta, Aceh and so on regarding their thoughts, experiences and concrete practices in facing Climate Change issues.

The theme of the Interfaith School XIII, “Religion and Climate Change” is becoming increasingly relevant and needs to be followed up with concrete actions. Because, not only is climate change causing erratic seasons and weather, forest life, the availability of healthy and sufficient river, sea, and lake water for people in rural and urban areas as well as for animals, poultry, fish and even humans, are becoming less and less, insufficient and poluted.

There is also social, economic, and political injustice. The victims are not only human beings but all living things on this earth. The main perpetrators are none other than humans who are getting more greedy and selfish. They are not even pro-justice or for life with dignity, quickening one another, peacefully.

This SLI XIII is strengthening the stimulus for all religious communities, religious leaders and figures, who are also part of the community, especially for the youths to move together in efforts to prevent, address and overcome climate change issues that are happening all over the world, including in Indonesia.
Religious life encourages continuous concrete actions together in preserving and caring for the earth and all its contents so that it remains healthy and gives life to all creatures.

In that context, the Interfaith School XIII will study together with Prof. Azza Karam (Secretary General Religions for Peace International, New York) in a GENERAL LECTURE, to end this year’s program.

Saturday, 21 May 2022.
08.00-10.00 WIB
Via Zoom meeting

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Meeting ID: 831 0838 7026
Passcode: peace2022

We invite all SLI participants, alumni, and all individual and institution networks, domestic and international, to take part in this learning session (the activity is open to the public and English-Indonesian interpreters are provided).
We are grateful for all your attendance.