The Prevention & Overcome The Wide Spread Danger of Climate Change in Bali

Religions for Peace Indonesia is pleased to announce that they will hold public dialogue  on Climate Change.

Climate Change is the most important and urgent issue in this present time and future. Nature is increasingly polluting, destroying, and not giving oxygen and water to every human and living thing, but also the mentality, culture, and change social lifestyle become ignorance with this issue.

The Religions for Peace Indonesia which combined in the Asian Conference of Religion for Peace (ACRP), collaborated with Gita Santih Nusantara (GSN) and Gedong Gandhi Ashram (GGA) will hold the first Public Dialogue as a part of the whole agenda that topic. Bali is the main focus of this agenda because Bali is a tourism area that has gone global and has many changes that potentially damage the natural environment and daily activity, like mental, spiritual, social, economic, cultural, etc.

To face that situation, it is more important to develop critical thinking, and constructive, and doing the concrete act together. Starting from prevention, so it does not spread up to overcoming what happened this time for not damage increasingly and threat the present and future times societal activity and natural environment in Bali. All of those will not work alone by one of the elements or group in the society only, but it must also work together including religions, government, academics, researchers, civil societies, education, tourism managers, media, etc.

Therefore, We invite Mrs./Mr./Ms/our friends to join this public dialogue on:

🗓️ Thursday, 21 September 2023
⏰ 18.30 – 21.00 WIB
🕹️ Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 823 5151 7988
Passcode: peace2023

Confirmation for attendance to Ista +62 878-3673-9848. It’s open to distributing flyers and narrative invitations to anyone who is willing to move together to save the earth and our natural world in peace.

🔊 Healing Bali’s earth, mitigating the climate crisis for a just and healthy life 🔊

Warm regards!!!