Religions for Peace Pakistan Chapter Report 2015-2016

             Pakistan Chapter is a torch-bearer of peace and religious harmony. It has tried its level best to bring the followers of different faiths together. In this connection, it has convened inter-faith conferences in different cities of Pakistan which were attended by the followers of different faiths. It has formed a coalition with the Peace Council of Pakistan of which Mr. Nawaz Khan Marwat, the President of Religions for Peace Pakistan is al the Chief Patron.

            Pakistan Chapter sent a delegation immediately to Bacha Khan University, in Charsada, where the terrorists attacked the students, professors and the employees. The delegation enquired about the welfare of the injured in the hospitals and also met the members of the bereaved families and shared their sorrows and grief.
            RfP Pakistan organized a Peace Conference in Peshawar, which was attended by different segments of population and delegates from Afghanistan. It was decided by conference to form a joint strategy to combat terrorism and to create an environment of peace and tranquility.
            A delegation of RfP Pakistan visited North Waziristan, South Waziristan and Mohmand Agency, which fall in the Federally Administered territory of Pakistan. These areas are in the grip of terrorist attacks from across the border.
            On 24th October, RfP Pakistan held a conference in Quetta to observe the United Nations Day. It was addressed by peoples of different walks of life. The topic of conference was “How to turn the globe in heaven of Peace?” A resolution was passed to urge the UNO to play its viable role for achieving peace and frustrating the design of ISIS, Taliban AL-Shabab, Boko Haram and other terrorist organizations. It was urged that UNO should make concrete efforts and not only to pass Resolutions.
            RfP Pakistan also organized seminars on Human Rights on 30th December 2015 in Islamabad. It was addressed by Diplomats, Ministers, Parliamentarians, Vice Chancellors and members of civil society. The topic was “How to respect and proted the human rights of each other.”
            RfP Pakistan celebrated Holi with their Hindus compatriots in Karachi. They also joined the Easter Celebrations of Christians in Karachi.
            On 27th March 2016, the terrorists attacked innocent persons including Christians and Muslims in a public park in Lahor, which resulted in a great human loss and injuring large number of people. Delegation of RfP Pakistan, headed by its President, visited Lahore, enquired about the welfare of the injured and met the members of the bereaved families and expressed solidarity with them, and shared their sorrow and grief.
            On 17th April 2016, RfP Pakistan organized a walk in Karachi with street children and called upon the government to provide them suitable boarding and lodging and make arrangement for their education.
            RfP Pakistan chapter also held a women day attended by large number of men and women in Peshawar. It also hailed Women Protection Bill passed by the Assembly and asked the Government to implement it in letter and spirit.
            RfP Pakistan members visited the internally displaced persons’ camps twice and showed solidarity with them against terror. They have left their homes and hearth in North Waziristan due to Army operation against the terrorist, most of them crossed the border from Afhganistan. The RfP Pakistan chapter delegation was headed by its President Mir Nawaz Khan Marwat, who addressed the internally displaces persons in their own language Pashto and asked them that the Army operation against terrorists is almost complete, area has been cleared and you will soon go back to your homes. He also asked them to become shield against terrorism and extend unstinted support to the Law Enforcing Agencies, who remain on guard against terrorists and suicide bombers. The Tribal elders showed their full solidarity with Law Enforcing Agencies, in this respect, Mr. Mir Nawaz Khan Marwat, being from a famous valiant Pashtoon race, is fully aware of the Local Pashtoon Tribal Customs and traditions. Pakistan chapter delegation also met with high ups of the Government of Pakistan and requested them to extend suitable financial assistance to the internally displaced persons as they would need it to repair their homes in the terror affected areas. There are almost one (1) million internally displaced persons living in camps in District Bannu of Khyber Pakhtunkhwah Province.
            The representatives of Pakistan chapter visited different parts of Pakistan and asked the people to cooperate with the Polio Vaccination Teams in order to get rid of this menace. They were asked not to pay any heed to those who were opposing this campaign.
            The RfP Pakistan chapter will host an interfaith conference on 14th May 2016 in Islamabad which would be attended by people from different faiths, parliamentarians and ministers.
                                                                                    Khalid Nawaz Khan
                                                                                    General Secretary
                                                                                    RfP Pakistan Chapter