Religions for Peace Pakistan Celebrates International Women’s Day

Religions for Peace Asia is excited to announce that Religions for Peace Pakistan collaborated with Pak US Alumni Association and Rotary Club of Visually Impaired Persons for the the successful event on Women Day 8 March for the “Inspired Women Waves” celebration on International Women’s Day! Cohosted by Ms. Huma  Ikramullah, Associate Secretary General Religions for Peace Pakistan, Member of Women of Faith Network , FPCC National Coordinator and  Executive Board Member of #PUAN khi, Salman Ilahi, Hira Naz and Qurrat ul Ain Shabbir, in collaboration with BINAE Education Foundation and Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN) – Karachi Chapter which promised a memorable experience for all involved specially for all the blind women who participated in huge numbers.

Ms. Huma Ikramullah gave an excellent presentation on Pro Woman Laws and disability laws for differently abled girls and women. She also conducted an exercise from the Mind Heart Dialogue training manual to help the differently abled ( blind girls and women ) to understand the challenges related to implementation of women related and disability laws. This exercise helped them to understand how social, economic, cultural challenges and sometimes religious concerns act as  barriers towards implementation of laws. One of the basic issues being lack of awareness of the rights of girls and women as most people are unaware which laws exist and also where to access them for help, who to approach and where to go. Ms. Huma Ikramullah explained all this in her interactive session in which she used the mind heart dialogue training and techniques from the manual ,which helped the girls and women .The audience greatly appreciated the interactive exercise and knowledge imparted. She spoke about the Constitution of Pakistan, Muslim Sharia Laws, Laws relating to minorities, Child marriage restraint act , Rights of women to property, prevention against harassment and domestic violence .

Primary objective was to spotlight the diverse talents of women while advocating for the rights of blind women, offering them a platform to showcase their remarkable abilities. Enlightening sessions were organized on legal rights, hygiene, and harassment, with a special focus on empowering blind individuals to pursue their professional aspirations.

The event was filled with exciting activities, and attendees were delighted with thoughtful gifts, amplifying the spirit of the occasion. The event was also attended by the President of Pak US Alumni Network, Dr Farhan Essa.

Together, we have taken a significant step towards empowerment and inclusivity. Here’s to celebrating the achievements of women and striving for a more equitable future. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the cause.