Prayers and Meditations for Our Earth And UNFCCC COP 28 UAE, Nov-Dec 2023

Please join us in taking a moment to secure an earth capable of nurturing life in all of its magnificent diversity this Thursday 12 October, 2023


11.30am to 12 noon Western Australia

12.30 pm to 1.00 pm Japan

1.30 pm Brisbane

2.00 pm to 1.30 pm South Australia

2.30 pm to 3.00 pm Hobart Melbourne and Sydney

9.30 pm to 10.00 pm Wednesday 16th New Mexico


(Please note time changes due to Daylight Savings commencing in New South Wales, South Australia & Tasmania)
Passcode: 082143


Introduction into Silence Guest speaker:

Bishop Philip Huggins

An Anglican Bishop who in recent years has felt compelled to do what he can to prevent

catastrophic climate change.

Member of the Interfaith Liaison Committee to the UNFCCC

Recent President of the National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA).


Elaine George

ARRCC WA Secretary / Symphony of Peace Prayers Co-facilitator



Pagan harmony display banner – ARRCC WA Multi Faith Climate Forum 2023


‘We pray for courage and compassion to transform those human activities destroying nature and altering the climate system on which our lives depend.’

Bishop Philip Huggins