Online Seminar: Anti-Human Trafficking “Then What Needs to be Strengthened and Acted on Collectively?”

We are pleased to announce that Institut DIAN/Interfidei Kabupaten Sleman will hold an online discussion series-3, Anti-Human Trafficking “Then What Needs to be Strengthened and Acted on Collectively?”

Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2024 from 7:00-9:00 PM (Jakarta Time)

The proliferation of human trafficking related to not only the locus of the crime, both at the national level, between the originating sending region (seller) and the recipient (user), as well as at the international level, between the sending country (seller) and the recipient (user), but also the mode, type, and diversity of the crime. Human trafficking and the operation of their mafia networks are extraordinary, involving various “groups”. Starting from families, members of the wider community to the “owners of capital”, it can also be suspected that even “unscrupulous” government officials have a hand in facilitating the practice of this crime, up to the “unscrupulous” security forces.

It all stems from “the absence of a conscience that touches the consciousness of life and humane mutual life” through logic and positive and healthy activities. Therefore, it manifests in the practice of crimes against humanity like this. All in the name of “economic necessity”. The question is, how low has the dignity, intellect and conscience of a person, who is equally human but is willing and dare to sacrifice another fellow human being? “It is also because of the injustice and unlawfulness still blatantly happening, which is evidently not in favor of the victims. Even until now the main perpetrators: “masterminds, fabricators and financiers” have not been touched.” Therefore, it is hoped that:

a. The work of this Network in a collaborative manner will become clearer, broader, stronger and more targeted,

b. Crimes against humanity through Human Trafficking will decrease and eventually reach the “point of zero”.

We invite everyone to attend this discussion series. Which will take place on: Viazoom meeting:

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This discusiion is open to the public. Sign language interpreters and translators from Indonesian to English are available. Confirm attendance via WA: +62 823-2203-8576