Religions for Peace Pakistan:Interfaith Project Impacting Women&Children

Religions for Peace Asia is pleased to introduce Religions for Peace Pakistan’s interfaith project focusing on women and children.

1. Maternal & Child Health Center & Pharmacy

In collaboration with Rotary Club of Silver Sands Karachi District 3271, RfP Pakistan established the center and pharmacy as the only medical unit in Thar, which provides daily free clinic and essential medicines desert dwellers Belonging to Muslim, Hindu and Christian faiths. 

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2. Clean Water Project

In collaboration with Rotary Club of Karachi, RfP Pakistan has set up the Thar Water Filtration RO Plant that will provide clean water, which is very essential to the health and well of the community, specially the children

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3. Visit to Rana village

Meeting with local Kohlee community promoting interfaith cooperation spirit and promoting the education of children, specially girls.

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