Interfaith Choir for Peace

♪♬♪ “Heal The World” by Interfaith Choir ♪♬♪

A message from the Director of the DIAN Institute/Interfidei

In order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the DIANInstitute/Interfidei on 10 August 2021 and the 76th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia on 17 August 2021, Interfidei together with all interfaith networks in Indonesia includes children, youth, students, activists, religious leaders, housewives, people with diverse age and gender backgrounds, they all join the ” Interfaith Choir for Peace “.
At this celebration, the Interfaith Choir for Peace collaborated by singing the song “Heal The World” which was re-arranged by Ryo Emannuel (a music coach who is also concerned with interfaith movements through music).
We hope that through the anniversary of the first interfaith institution in Indonesia and also coincides with Indonesia’s independence day, we will join hands and work to voice peace in peaceful ways through songs and music. 
May we all feel that peace in the midst of this covid-19 pandemic. Blessings and happiness be with us all.


A. Elga J. Sarapung

Director of the DIAN Institute/Interfidei

Enjoy the beautiful voices of the chorus.