Highlight Video of the Asia Pacific Women of Faith Network Seminar on Climate Change

On November 29, 2022, APWoFN hosted its second project for the year 2022, a climate change seminar under the theme “Inspired by Our Faiths and Spiritualities to Move Forward with Climate Action.”

Approximately 40 participants from the Asia-Pacific region joined the seminar for a lively discussion on climate change initiatives from both religious and professional perspectives.

In this seminar, we first had a report on the situation in Pakistan, which suffered flood damage in August. We learned how important the role of religious leaders is from Religions for Peace Pakistan, who are working as volunteers in the affected area.

We also had a keynote address on COP27 by Rev. James Bhagwan, Secretary General of the Pacific Conference of Churches, and response presentations by four ACRP women religious leaders.

We learned about climate change activities on a broader scale in Asia Pacific regions. In addition, since the ACRP youth are very active in climate change activities, we had a report on their activities by a youth representative. The activities of the youth, who bear the future, were a positive inspiration for the adults as well.

Thanksfully, APWoFN had a opportunity to present their success at the international conference in last December, hosted by China Committee for Religions and Peace (CCRP) and Religions for Peace International.

APWoFN is currently preparing an E-Book of the seminar. It will be posted on the ACRP website for your perusal later.

Please take a look at the video highlights of the seminar first.

URL: https://rfpasia.org/publication-resource/video/climate-change/

Here is the full speech of Rev. Elga Sarapung, Chair of APWoFN.

“Sisters and brothers, Good morning, good day, good afternoon. Hope all there is good and healthy. Welcome to all of you who have taken the time to attend our (APWoFN) second series of conference during our first year program, 2022/2023. The topic is on Climate Change. Thank you to our General Secretary, Rev. Shinohara and all the speakers, as well as the moderators, facilitators and media team, and the secretariat team in Tokyo. Keep our spirits up and always come together for the sake of living together, now and tomorrow in our healthy and peaceful world. Once again, congratulations! Thank you so much.

Rev. A. Elga J. Sarapung/Chair of APWoFN