CCRP Hosted International Webinar to Share Experience on Fight against COVID-19

October 12, 2020, China Committee on Religion and Peace (CCRP) hosted an international online meeting themed by Solidarity and Cooperation-International Webinar on Multi-Religious Response to COVID-19 and Shared Well -being. Mr.Deng Zongliang, Executive Vice President of CCRP chaired the meeting, Vice Presidents of CCRP, Ven. Yanjue, Rev. Xu Xiaohong, Ven. Zhang Fenglin, and Deputy SGs, Mr.Adilijiang Ajiklim, Mr.Gu Mengfei, attended. Prof. Karam, SG of RfP International delivered a congratulatory message by video, Dr. Din Syamsuddin, Moderator of ACRP, Prof. Cahill, Deputy Moderator of ACRP and Dr. Nemoto, SG of ACRP as well as religious leaders from Italy, the UK, Belgium, Japan, South Korea, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Pakistan attended.

All participants shared experiences of Religions for Peace chapters to prevent and control COVID-19 and discussed how interfaith cooperation plays role in containing the virus, protecting health security, implementing UN 2030 goals, and called respecting nature, and advancing long-term peace and sustainable development by international conversations and cooperation.

Mr.Deng Zongliang said interfaith exchanges should serve the society, facilitate communication among civilizations and people-to-people bonds. Chinese religious communities are ready to work together with religious believers to protect the earth and build a better shared future.

<From Foreign Guests>
Dr. Azza Karam
Rev. Nobuhiro Nemoto
Emeritus Professor Desmond Cahill
Principal Sukomal Barua
Mr. Khalid Marwat
Mr. David Horner
Dott. Luigi De Salvia
Mr. Essan Secundar
Ven. Eigen Onishi
Ven. Sungjin

<From China CCRP>
Ven. Yanjue
Ven. Zhang Fenglin
Imam Adilijiang Ahjikelim
Mr. Gu Mengfei
Mr.Deng Zongliang