Asia Pacific Women of Faith Network will host Ant-Human Trafficking Seminar

**Registration is Now Open**

Religions for Peace Asia (ACRP) is pleased to announce that Asia-Pacific Women of Faith Network (APWoFN) and ACRP will hold an online seminar on anti-Human Trafficking Seminar in Septermber.

Our virtual seminars on Anti-Human Trafficking last year, hosted by APWoFN and ACRP fruitfully succeeded to learn the reality of Human Trafficking in Asia and the women and children of Asia trapped in modern-day slavery.

As for the next step, the seminar will be focused on finding the concreate action on eradicating the issue of trafficking.

Theme: “Tackling Human-Trafficking in Asia: Challenges and Best Practices”.

Date/Time: Thursday, September 29th, 2022 at 2:00pm-5:00pm (Japan Standard Time)

Registraion link:
                           (Languages can be switched in the bottom right corner of the registration page if necessary.)

Program Highlights:

1. Opening
2. Plenary 1-Religious Perspectives
                   ACRP’s proud experts and colleagues from various religious and cultural backgrounds, who have been researching the issue of human trafficking for many years
3. Plenary 2- State Agencies and Activist Perspective
     Organizations with deep knowledge of human trafficking issues and close relationships with ACRP.
4. Plenary 3- Online Shelter visit (BREAKOUT SESSION)
                  Online shelter visits by NGO groups in the Philippines and Indonesia. 
                 * Please select which breakout session you would like to join at your registration.
5. Reflection from youth- ACRP’s youth member will share with us her reflection/feedback about the seminar.
6. Closing

We look forward to a fruitful learning exchange grounded in our joint mission of advancing common action for peace.

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