Rev. A. Elga Joan Sarapung

New Chair!!!Asia-Pacific Women of Faith NetworkRev. A. Elga Joan SarapungDirector of the Institute for Interfaith Dialogue in Indonesia (INTERFIDEI), Coordinator of Indonesia Interfaith Network Vice-Chair of the Board of YAPPIKA Action Aid, Jakarta.She took an Ecumenical Study on “Gospel and Culture” at Ecumenical Institute, Bossey, Switzerland (1986-1987). In 1990/1991 she took a Master’s Degree at the Theological Faculty University of Groningen, The Netherlands, (Ecumenical study and Missiology). Since 1997, she has been being a facilitator in various training “Managing and Means Diversity in Indonesia, and also serving as a resource person in various forums on the issue: “Diversity in Religion and Ethnicity”, “Religions for Peace”, “Human Rights (especially on FoRB Read more about Rev. A. Elga Joan Sarapung[…]