Principal Sukomal BARUA

Principal Sukomal BARUA (Bangladesh, Buddhism)

Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Dhaka in the year 1962.

Many articles published in different magazines and periodicals both in English and Bengali.

Joined as a lecturer in the Department of Political Science, Rangunia Degree College, promoted to the post of vice principal and acted as principal.

Founding Principal Hasina Jamal Degree College.

Associated with other organizations:

  1. a) President Asian Conference Religions For Peace/ Religious for Peace – Asia, Bangladesh Chapter.
  2. b) Member of Executive Committee and Governing Board RfP- Asia.
  3. c) President: Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, Bangladesh.
  4. d) President: Bangladesh Inter- Religious writer and Journalist Association.
  5. e) President: Warm Heart – Bangladesh.
  6. f) President: Banani Multipurpose co-operative society.


  1. a) Secretary: Buddhist Religious Welfare Trust, Ministry of Religious Affairs Government of Bangladesh.
  2. b) Founding Co-Chairman: ACRP, Youth Wing, Singapore, 1976.
  3. c) General Secretary: Social and Humanitarian sub-committee, World Fellowship of Buddhist.
  4. d) President: All Pakistan Young Buddhist organization.
  5. e) Founding Member: Mahamuni Sanskriti Sangha.
  6. f) Took active part in the world of liberation of Bangladesh, 1971. Joined as a field liaison officer, Indian Red Cross Society and took care of about half a million refugees in different camps, Tripura.
  7. g) President: Gurudwara Management Committee, Bangladesh.

Conferences and Seminars attended:
Deeply involved with the activities of WCRP from its very birth, the first World Assembly held in Kyoto, Japan in the year 1970 and the First Assembly of ACRP held in Singapore, 1976 and in many countries of the world like U.S.A , U.K. , Austria, Slovakia, Dubai, Nepal, New Delhi, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, China, etc.

MESSAGE ☆゚,。・.。*☆゚,。・.。*☆゚
Today we are living in the world of diversity in culture, political and economic system. In this world different people may have different opinions on different problems. Yet there are problems common to all and we are interested in finding an answer to them. There will be no final solution to our human problems. Therefore we must accept “Unity in Diversity” concept in finding common platform for solving common problems of peace and security.

Despite such diversities I am confident that, by building bridges of culture, religions we can have better understanding of other religion and can reduce tensions and avoid conflict.

We should be mindful that, if we are unable to reduce and remove evil thoughts, evil speech and evil deeds we are like the beings living in a world of darkness. When there is darkness the light is of a vital necessity. The darkness and the light are the opposite things that cannot co-exist. We have to put the light in place of darkness. We have witnessed a lot of bloodsheds due to power craving and ignorance of truth. Therefore we are badly in need of peace and harmony and co-existence. This is a great challenge for political leaders, spiritual and religious leaders. We all have to accept those responsibilities and brace-up for those

challenges. Animosity can be eradicated by its opposite- which is love, passions and forgiveness and so on. Animosity can not be eradicated by animosity.

Violence is ceased through violence. Hatred never ceased through hatred. Through pure love only they ceased. This is eternal law.

We know that, the road to achieving peace is long and difficult but the journey is worthwhile, because I think we are not alone, one day we shall come to pass. If we all work together, we can achieve our goal better and faster. All we dream of a harmonious work- a paradise on earth – where all people will enjoy happiness, peace and common prosperity.

May all living things beings be happy.