July 3, 2019

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Council of Religions for Peace


Sri Lanka Council of Religions for Peace


Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka Council of Religions for Peace No: 11, Sri Dharmapala Road Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka


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  The Most ven. Aggamahapandita Kotugoda Dhammawasa Anunayaka Thero
  (President of Sri Lanka Amarapura Maha Sangha Sabha)


  Ramachandra Kurukkal Babusharma
  (President Adviser, Secretary International Hindu Religious Federation, Founder Hindu Priest Brahmin School)

 Rt. Rev. Bishop Kingsley Swamipillai
  (Bishop Batticaloa)


  Ms. Sivanandani Duraiswamy
  (President Hindu Women’s Society, Manger of Hindu Ladies College)


 Ven. Dr. Medawachchiye Dhammajothi Thero
  (Senior Lecturer University of Colombo)


The Sri Lanka Council of Religions for Peace is a multi-religious organization. The primary objective that falls within the vision of SLCRP is to restore, sustain and consolidate multireligious peace, harmony, and unity among different sections of the society of Sri Lanka with the onset of peace after 30 years of a turbulent & debilitating period. In the achievement of this mission, the Sri Lanka Council of Religions for Peace played a leading role by implementing different programs and activities in almost all of the 14 Inter-Religious District Councils set up across the island. Among these programs, much focus has been given to youth and women and empowering them taking into account their potentials and skills so that they could play a leading role in future peacebuilding endeavors at different levels.


・Action Taken by RfP Sri Lanka
・Awareness Programs on Multi-religious peace and harmony
・Poverty Alleviation and Development
・Multi religious Language Training Programs (Sinhala/Tamil/English)
・Projects on Income generating for low-income earners (women)
・Youth Leadership Training Programmes
・Leadership Programs for relgious leaders
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Nutritious Dry Ration Packs to Mothers, and Mothers to be
Hongkong Donation for Law Income Families in Nothern Part of Sri Lanka
Donation of Dry Rations to Needy People in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka National Consultation for the Religions for Peace
Annual Report 2016-2017
Annual Report 2014-2015