Mrs. Indira MANANDHAR (Nepal, Buddhist)

PROFILE  ☆゚,。・.。*☆゚,。・.。*☆゚
I work in a private television station in Nepal. It is known as Image channel. I work there as Vice President.

I am Vice President of National Senior Citizen Federation NASCIF.

I am Vice President of the organization called ‘Buddhist Home for Old People’ in Banepa.

I also served as Vice President in ‘Women’s cooperative Society’. I was there for 3 years.

I am affiliated to various social groups/organizations like ZONTA (Zonta International is an international service organization with the mission of advancing the status of women), IWART (The International Association of Women in Radio and Television is a women’s organization involved in the broadcasting industry).

Educational Background:
Masters in Economics – Statics & Agriculture 
Masters in Ancient History and culture with social Anthropology of Nepal

MESSAGE  ☆゚,。・.。*☆゚,。・.。*☆゚
I have been working for Religions for Peace for over almost 3 decades now. I have always been a promoter of peace and religious harmony. I believe in humanitarian work and helping people in need. I feel proud to be associated to a reputed organization like Religions for Peace International as well as Religion for Peace Asia. I have been part of the Executive committee in ACRP for a long while now. I enjoy participating in the EC meeting which is always seeking to do good by promoting religious harmony. I wish all the success to all the ventures under taken by RfP regional as well as international. God bless all.