Dr. Deepali BHANOT

Dr. Deepali BHANOT (India, Hindu)

Dr. Deepali Bhanot is a former Professor in the Department of Sanskrit at the Janaki Devi Memorial College, University of Delhi. She has taught for more than forty years at both the Under Graduate and Post Graduate levels at the University of Delhi. She has been teaching papers related to Vedas, Upanishads, Sanskrit literature, and Indian Culture. She also has a keen interest in Indian Art and Culture and the Sanskrit Shilpa Shastras. Her areas of specialization are the Vedas, Upanishads, and Hinduism. She has been actively engaged in interfaith activities for nearly four decades. She joined ACRP as a Youth volunteer for ACRP II Assembly in 1981. She has served ACRP as the Coordinator of the Youth Wing and later as the Coordinator of the Womenʼs Committee. She has participated in all the ACRP Assemblies since 1981 and has been associated with the Religions for Peace for the past four decades. Dr. Deepali Bhanot has also served ACRP as an Associate Secretary General for the last two terms.

MESSAGE ☆゚,。・.。*☆゚,。・.。*☆゚
All religions teach the values of love, respect for all living beings, humility, tolerance, dignity and peace. These core values of all religions unite true coreligionists and believers despite the different outer symbols, rituals, and religious practices that are unique to each faith tradition. Mutual understanding, love and respect for others help us in building bridges of peace and harmony instead of building barriers of hatred. The need of the hour is to care for the environment, the planet earth and all that inhabit it.