June 11, 2019


Religions for Peace India


Religions for Peace India


Republic of India


Sri Puthige Math Car Street Udupi, Karnataka 576 101




Fr. Bento Rodrigues

Mr. N. Vasudevan

Mr. Abdul Mabood

<Chair of Youth Wing>
Mr. Shameer Rishad

<Chair of Women’s Network>
Dr. Deepali Bhanot


Religions for Peace India is the national Chapter of RfP International and its Regional Grouping Asian Conference of Religions for Peace (ACRP). RfP is a multi-religious body, representative of the religious population of the world, dedicated to the cause of peace – peace with justice.

Starting in 1970, RfP India is one of the founder members of this unique interfaith movement. It is registered as a society and has its head office in New Delhi. The aim and objectives of RfP, among other things, are to share among leaders of world religions, knowledge of the sanctions and traditions each religion has for world peace, and to discover and implement common religious principles conducive to peace of the human community at every level – local, national and international.

RfP provides a potent base for a variety of peace-related activities, such as promoting religious tolerance, assisting in conflict resolution, working for disarmament, promoting peace studies, encouraging equitable and sustainable development, furthering human rights, gender equality, and protecting the environment.


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